Aesop Rock is hard at work on a new music project and solo album

Ian Matthias Bavitz A.K.A. Aesop Rock has been teaming up with Moldy Peaches member Kimya Dawson lately. Aesop Rock sent Kimya Dawson, Rob Sonic, and DJBIGWIZ a message on Twitter recently saying:

“Dear @mrskimyadawson , do you like Australia?

Dear @Rob_Sonic and @DJBIGWIZ , do you guys like Australia?

@Rob_Sonic chill out bro! sounds like you need a mid-october australia trip to ease back!”

He stopped short of giving away all the details.

“i think we like AUS in mid october, but can’t quite divulge that info yet”

So is there works for an Australian tour come October for Aesop Rock? Who knows, but there is also something else in the works by Aesop Rock, a new album. Seeing as how Aesop’s last album “None Shall Pass” was released back in 2007, its about time he did something to shake things up a bit.

Aesop Rock and Dawson originally tried to team up years ago, but with Dawson being busy and having a kid…they had to put their touring ideas aside. Dawson had this to say on the topic, “I was told Aesop wanted to tour with me about four years ago but there really wasn’t any way I could because my daughter was just born and I didn’t really know who he was at the time. (I told him to) e-mail me but then I totally forgot to get him my contact info.”

But the duo recently got together and have been hard at work on a new L.P. that is set to be released sometime in October. “I don’t know if I could ever work with, not just another rapper, but another artist, because of how much he cares about each individual word in his lyrics. It’s almost obsessive-compulsive,” says Dawson.

Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson originally named their music project “Precious Brothers” but they have decided to go ahead and open the door for fans to name their project at their shows.  Aesop and Dawson are currently nine songs deep into their L.P, and they feel very confident in what they have created so far together.

Aesop Rock just finished a tour late June, and is now focusing more attention on his solo album that is planned to be released in September of this year. There is no word yet as to when the exact date will be announced.

So are you looking forward to Aesop Rock’s new music project and album? Tell us what you think about it and comment below!

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