Blink 182 is ready to release two new songs

Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 has just announced that they will be releasing two new songs in two weeks from their upcoming new album. From his personal tumblr page, Mark had this to say:

“Today two of our songs are getting sent out for mix.  within days they will be delivered to the label.  within two weeks they should be out in the world.  our little birdies are almost ready to fly on their own!  after much love and care, they’re ready to leave the nest.  and FLY!!  fly, little birdies, fly!  feel the air under your wings and soar as far and as high as you can!!  it’s time for you to see this giant, beautiful world.  people have waited a long time to hear you.  it’s time to show everyone you’re as strong as the wind.  we love you very much.  now go on, little birdies, get out there and fuck some shit up.”

The last album released by Blink 182 was their self titled record waay back in 2003.

What do you think of Blink 182’s comeback in music?

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