French band Awake in Sleep has just released their self titled E.P. on June 26th.


1. A Place to Die 7:51

2. Cold Waves 5:21

3. A Shrine Fop the Sleepless 7:15

4. Flowing Seasons 10:32

Awake in Sleep members consists of:

Guitar, vocals – Andrey Kalinovsky
Guitar, back vocals – Jérémie Godet
Guitar – François Clézio
Bass, back vocals – David Roger
Drums – Maxime Guerreiro

To try and compair this band to some other band you like listening to would be inane, Awake in Sleep is its own sound. They take parts from the post-rock genre, mix it with sludge rock, and then add screaming vocals with calm melodies.

You can download their awesome four track E.P for FREE here: DOWNLOAD Awake in Sleep

Now having dealt with Bandcamp in the past, they limit the number of free downloads an artist or band can have. So if you have some cash to throw their way, please do so…ALL PROCEEDS GO TO “Awake in Sleep.” I’m sure they will appreciate the help.

If you want my personal opinion on my favorite track, it has to be the last track “Flowing Seasons.” The song is over ten minutes long and takes you through many different musical levels.

To catch up with “Awake in Sleep” online, go to their Facebook page.

What do you think of Awake in Sleep’s debut E.P.? Let us know, and let them know in the comment box below!

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