Glorie Cover Art


1. Highrise

2. Music For a Horror Movie

3. Looking Through The Mirror

4. Full Circle

5. Still Saved

6. Water Drops

7. Lazy Day

8. Nightmares Then Sunshine

9. Gunshot City

Memphis, Tennessee is home to the post-rock band Glorie. If you like the sounds of soaring music and feeling music for what it truly is, then you will not be disappointed in what Glorie brings to the table. And if you are one of those people who are apprehensive on buying an album and new music because it has a price (so you pirate music via torrent), Glorie lets you download their self titled album for free. Just click here for the download. And as Glorie puts it “there are no strings attached.”

If you like Glorie’s music, please feel free to support them by donating…I’m sure they will appreciate it. But most of all, tell your friends to check them out.

Glorie member are:

Jason Paxton- Vibes, Keys, Guitar

Andrew Saunders – Drms

Jeff Hulett – Bass

Jonathan Kirkscey – Vibes, Keys, Guitar, Cello

Rob Brimhall – Guitar, Keys

On a personal note, My favorite tracks off of the Glorie are “Highrise” and “Full Circle.”

What are your favorite tracks? Let us know what you think of Glorie. 

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