Music Video Premier: Explosions In The Sky – Last Known Surroundings

Texas post-rock band Explosions In The Sky is by far one of the top post-rock bands right now. Their music is on a different level than what you will ever find on the radio. In fact Explosion In The Sky is so far from the mainstream music scene, they are just now putting out their very first music video since they became a band.

“In the 12 years that we have been playing together, we’ve never made or released a video for any of our songs,” the Austin, Texas, band said in an e-mail to “For this new album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, we decided to reach out to some talented people and see if we could get something made to order, and the first ‘official’ video from us is now ready to show.” “It took them months and months of solid work,” said EITS. “And we couldn’t be more pleased with their finished product.” Other artists who worked on the video include JR Crosby, Luke Miller, Zach Ferguson, Ben Hansen, Christy Carroll, Annie Mayfield and Josh Johnson (who worked on 3-D).

This may be a sign of a change of heart for Explosions In The Sky with their 8 minute long music video that really is an audible and visual treat. And if you like the new video, you will be glad to know that EITS has more music videos in store for the future saying, “We intend to get a few more videos made by some other friends and filmmakers over the next few months. Over the years, many fans have taken it upon themselves to do us the favor and put something together and post it to YouTube and, believe it or not, we have seen a great deal of them and have enjoyed almost all of them.”

So here you go, Explosions In The Sky’s first official music video “Last Known Surroundings”

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