Serpent Moves Cover Art


1. Hiss 1:21

2. Sibilance 4:47

3. On Hold 4:00

4. In Transit 6:34

5. A Few Days Only 7:46

6. Barabbas 6:34

[wreath] members consist of:

Tomek Kaleczyc – vocals, guitar
Piotr Niedziela – guitar
Szymon Sarna – bass
Michał Kowalski – drums

Polish alternative rock band [wreath] has just released their new E.P. “Serpent Moves,” in early July. The Warsaw native band first started out as a solo project way back in 2003 by singer/guitar player Tomek Kaleczyc and actually put out two albums alone. But in 2008 [wreath] started the transition of filling out a full fledged band by adding the talents of Piotr Niedziela on guitar, Szymon Sarna on bass, and Michał Kowalski on drums.

Personally having a soft spot in my heart for Polish bands such as COMA, B.E.T.H., and Lipali[wreath] fits right in with their own unique sound. I love the guitar playing on every track, especially on Sibilance and A Few Days Only. And coupled with Tomek’s voice, every track on “Serpent Moves” is just awesome. The new E.P. is strong and [wreath] does a good job with focusing on their sound.

But the best part about the album is [wreath] allows you the listener the ability to download the full E.P. for free. All you have to do is click here: DOWNLOAD “SERPENT MOVES”

Also, if you like the [wreath] and you want to stay in touch with everything they do, just follow them on their Facebook page here: [wreath] Facebook

So what is your take on [wreath]’s new E.P.? Let us know in the comment box below!

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