MIGRATE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: Valley Of The Sun – The Sayings Of The Seers

The Sayings of the Seers Cover Art


Aquarius 05:14

Valley Of The Sun members:

Ryan McAllister-Bass
Ryan Ferrier-Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Boyer-Drums

Early in June, native Cincinnati rock trio Valley Of The Sun unleashed their second release “The Sayings Of The Seers.” The moment you press play, you get thrusted  headlong into fast paced riffs, dynamic drums, and soaring vocals you would expect from the likes of Brent Smith and Chris Cornell.

The guitar playing and singing by Ryan Ferrier is outstanding from top to bottom. And after having multiple people listen to their song “Hearts Aflame,” they were blown away by Ryan McAllister’s ability to destroy his drum set and Aaron Boyer’s ability to add great dynamics to send every song over the edge.

Each song on “The Sayings Of The Seers” has its own feel and sound, which shows off Valley Of The Sun’s musical ability to keep it unique. “The Sayings Of The Seers” was produced by John Naclerio who has worked with bands such as My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, and Matchbook Romance.

Personally I love the track “Riding The Dunes” because it really shows off Ferrier’s singing ability and guitar playing along with McAllister and Boyer’s ability to grab the listener and make them want to see Valley Of The Sun live A.S.A.P. (Looks like a trip to Southgate House is needed)

You can download their album here for a great price of $5: DOWNLOAD THE SAYINGS OF THE SEERS 

Also you can download their first E.P. “Two Thousand Ten” for FREE here: DOWNLOAD TWO THOUSAND TEN 

If you enjoyed Valley Of The Sun’s music, please follow them on the inter webs here: FACEBOOK Valley of the Sun, and let them know what you think!

3 responses to “MIGRATE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: Valley Of The Sun – The Sayings Of The Seers

    • Actually, it’s neither of those dudes on this recording. At the time, Chris had just quit and Ryan was on his way in. Neither of them were able to make the trip to New York to record, so Aaron and I did everything…. boy did my fingertips hurt.

  1. There are a vast amount of people who claim to be artists: designers, musicians, actors, painters, performers, etc. The truth lies in whether these people have the ability to stir your emotions and thought. This album is amazing. It’s crisp, dynamic, it’s raw and completely angellic at the same time. It makes me miss the desert and her almost supernatural presence.

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