MIGRATE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: Dirge – Elysian Magnetic Fields



 1. Morphée Rouge [9:36]

2. Obsidian [7:35]
3. Cocoon [11:29]
4. Sandstorm [7:14]
5. Elysian Magnetic Fields [10:14]
6. Narconaut [2:22]
7. Falling [5:51]
8. Apogee [11:57

DIRGE members consist of:

Marc T. / guitars, vocals, accordion & samples
Alain B. / drums, acoustic guitars & samples`
Christophe [zomb] D. / synthetic sounds
Stéphane L. / guitars, vocals & samples
Christian M. / bass

French postcore band Dirge has followed up their album “Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas” with an outstanding work of art titled “Elysian Magnetic Fields.” The new album has 8 very strong tracks that take you into the depths of feeling music. From start to finish, Dirge successfully drives home their unique sound into your ears. The moment you press play, you will be shoved sonically to a level where few bands can take you.

(Reminder: If you haven’t pressed play on that video above, you are only robbing yourself of great music) 

We were asked a few days ago to review Dirge’s new album “Elysian Magnetic Fields.” After hearing the first track  “Morphée Roug,” I was hooked. To sit here and try to pick out one song that’s better than another, or one song that really stuck out to me that’s above the rest is hard to do. To be completely honest, the whole album “Elysian Magnetic Fields” is F—— fantastic from top to bottom. After listening to the whole album, I decided that I have found a new favorite band in Dirge, and have been kicking myself seeing as how they have been around since 1994. It left me wondering how could I have gone so long without every knowing of this crazy sick band? But in any case, I’m glad I have been introduced to them, because my music library is a lot better for it.

If you want to download Dirge’sElysian Magnetic Fields” for yourself, then click here: DOWNLOAD DIRGE “Elysian Magnetic Fields” and go to merch and pick your region.

If you want to catch up to Dirge over the web, then you can follow them here: Dirge Facebook Page 

Again, I cannot begin to explain how much I really enjoy “Elysian Magnetic Fields.” And after you dive in to the album, I hope you can come out of the other side and feel the same way.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

11/08/12           Vnv Festival | Le Locle |  Switzerland | With Meshuggah, -
                   Atari Teenage Riot, Unfold, The Ocean

11/10/14           Kosmodromc | Heidelberg  |  Germany |

11/10/15           Rockstation | Halle  |  Germany | With Phased, ShEver

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