MIGRATE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: Seed From The Geisha – Talk Peace To The Wolf


1. Heads or Tails

2. Feather

3. Radience

4. Deliverance

5. Light A Spark

6. One Knee On The Concrete

7. Shades

8. Soma

9. Vampire Youth

Seed From The Geisha Members: 

Vocals: Inigo Delgado
Guitar/Vocals: Antoine Plauchut
Guitar: Benoit Rodriguez
Bass: Nicolas Rodriguez
Drums : Guillaume Mauduit

French rock band Seed From The Geisha has recently released their debut full length album Talk Peace To The Wolf earlier this year. The first thing that caught my eye was the album cover, it really sticks out and is very unique. I don’t normally grade album covers but I give Talk Peace To The Wolf a solid 9 for it’s eye grabbing image of a wolf sitting in mans clothing. What can I say, its really cool.

 Now to the music..if you are a fan of bands that have an all around sound and can play fast paced riff laden songs or calming emotional tunes, then you would do good to check out Seed From The Geisha. The first thing I noticed on the album was Guillaume Mauduit’s drumming ability, its solid and driving. And with Nicolas Rodriguez’s deep bass tones and runs, it really gives immediate depth to Seed Of The Geisha‘s sound. The guitar playing by Antoine Plauchut and Benoit Rodriguez is absolutely versatile. Their ability to catch your ear with great riffs, slow mellow tunes, and heavy distortions is something I was really impressed with. And then finally there is the awesome vocals by Inigo Delgado. When I first heard his voice, I was immediately reminded of Brandon Rike from Dead Poetic. Delgado has a great vocal range that really drives home the melody of every song.

All nine songs on Talk Peace To The Wolf are great and has something for every rock fan out there. Personally I can’t get the song Feather out of my head. And if I can be honest with you, I have pressed repeat numerous times to hear it again. I also enjoyed Soma a lot. The guitars on Soma is sick and coupled with Inigo’s screaming…it’s awesome!

So if you want to add Seed From The Geisha‘s album Talk Peace To The Wolf to your music collection, go here: BUY TALK PEACE TO THE WOLF

If you want to follow Seed From The Geisha online, click here: Seed From The Geisha Facebook 

And don’t forget to check out their websitehttp://www.seedfromthegeisha.com/

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