Migrate Music Exclusive: Over The Ocean – Paper House

Paper House Cover Art


1. To Hear The Spirit 1:46

2. Everything Will Change 4:09

3. The Rich, The Poor, 4:19

4. Something I Was Not 3:20

5. Paper House 6:51

6. Build Your Kingdom 6:06

7. When Your Raising The Dead 5:06

8. [untitled] 1:24

9. I Will Be Silent 8:05

Over The Ocean members:

Jesse Hill – guitar and vocals
Nate Crawford – guitar
Josh Whittle – drums
Ben Crumrine – bass guitar

Over The Ocean is an awesome band out of Norfolk, Virginia. Even though their album Paper House was released last year in September, I really wanted to make a point that you know who Over The Ocean is. I myself downloaded their album Paper House awhile back and really enjoyed it, but then my computer crashed and when that happened I lost all my music. (I was not a happy camper) So when I finally got around to retrieving the music I had lost, the very first album I searched for was Over The OceanPaper House.

Now I could sit here and critique the whole album and explain why you should push the play button up there. But trust me  Over The Ocean is the real deal. And I know for a fact you will think the same once you hear their music. There are two songs on Paper House though that you MUST listen to, #1 is Build Your Kingdom. That song is just plane sick! And #2 would be When You’re Raising The Dead. The guitars on it are phenomenal and Jesse Hill’s voice is soaring.

Oh and there is one more thing…Over The Ocean allows you to download their entire album Paper House for FREE. But if you want to throw some cash in their direction, you can. I’m sure they would appreciate the support.


If you want to see Over The Ocean live, you are going to have to make a trek for Virginia and its surrounding states. When you think of music hubs, Norfolk just does’t come to mind at first. But Over The Ocean is doing their best to take what they have outside of Norfolk and Virginia.

If they ever have a show in or around Ohio, I will definitely make it a point to go see them. I’m sure they put on one great performance.

You can follow Over The Ocean on the inter webs here: Facebook Over The Ocean And let them know how much you liked their album Paper House!

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