Migrate Music Exclusive: The Bilinda Butchers – Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams

regret, love, guilt, dreams Cover Art


1. All My Friends 5:05

2. Tulips 4:45

3. Careless Teens 4:21

4. Sigh 5:12

5. Boyfriend 4:14

6. Secrets 5:36

The Bilinda Butchers members:

michal and adam

Are you looking for music that’s a bit more mellow and relaxing? Well, look no further than San Francisco’s own dream pop duo The Bilinda Butchers. I first got introduced to their sound off of the latest Mercedes Benz Mixtape “Violet Vibes” with their song Stevie Nicks…which you can listen to below.

The Bilinda Butchers just recently put out their E.P. Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams on June 21. The new E.P. has six very strong tracks. You can push play and never skip over a song, because you want to take in every second of this very dream like sounding album. While I enjoyed all of Regret, Love, Guilt, Dream, there where a few songs that really stuck out to me. Tulips and Sigh are great tracks that you can easily get lost in. All the effects and instruments are great on both songs. And the guitar on Sigh is really catchy. But there is one track that surpasses all of them in my book, and that is Careless Teens. Again the guitar is fantastic and the song just seems to draw you in, and the singing is just superb. I found myself putting Careless Teens on repeat for about an hour, it is just that good.

But I haven’t got to the best part about the E.P. Regret, Love, Guilt, DreamsThe Bilinda Butchers allow you to download it in full, for FREE.

So if you enjoyed listening to their new E.P. as much as I did, click here: FREE DOWNLOAD REGRET, LOVE, GUILT, DREAMS  

*You can also donate whatever price you want. I’m sure they will appreciate the support*

Also check out The Bilinda Butchers on the web here: The Bilinda Butchers Facebook or here Tumblr 

And in case you are wondering how they got their name, they say they derive it from Bilinda Butcher of My Bloody Valentine.

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