Listen to: Consequence and Kid Cudi – On My Own



New York rapper Consequence has just released his song “On My Own” this past week. The new song was produced by Kanye West and has a hook from Kid Cudi. The new song points out that Consequence and his former boss had a falling out due to him not supporting Consequence‘s new music. But despite not getting the support he was hoping for, Consequence had this to say, it doesn’t matter “cause when it comes to rap, I do this on my own.” You can also tell in the song itself how Consequence felt about the whole situation, “Let’s be honest, we don’t need a lie detector / Don’t try to make it seem that you was once my investor / You never believed, so you don’t need to lie to Dexter,” Cons spits in the first verse, before later adding, “The same homeys that I thought were my support system/ Got the nerve to jerk me like the court system.”

But no matter what has happened in Consequence‘s past, he says “It won’t happen again. It’s like when you’re in somebody else’s totem pole, so to speak, of course, the head is to receive the glory.”

So what do you think of Consequence‘s new song “On My Own?”

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