R.I.P. Michael Burston

Michael Burston A.K.A. Würzel, passed away at the age of 61 from a heart disease. Burston was the guitarist for Motorhead for nine albums after joining them in 1984.

 Kilmister’s bass tech, Tim Butcher, broke the news on his Facebook page, referring to Wurzel as a “complete gent” and a “great guitarist, and writing “We will miss you.” And on July 10th in Knebworth, England, Motorhead dedicated its Sonisphere Festival set “and our lives” to Wurzel.

Wurzel was born in Cheltenham, England. And before Motorhead, Burston served as a corporal in the 1st Batallion of the British Army’s Gloucestershire Regiment in Germany and Ireland. Prior to his death, Wurzel was working in a new band, Leader of Down, which had been recording material for its debut album.

Michael Burston

(23 October 1949 – 9 July 2011)

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