Free Download of Wiley – The Chill Out Zone

DOWNLOAD: Wiley – The Chill Out Zone 


01 Music Is Calling Me [ft. Meleka]
02 If I Could [ft. Ed Sheeran]
03 Seduction [ft. Alexa Goddard]
04 Walk Away [ft. Sinead Harnett]
05 But I Did..
06 Don’t Throw It Away
07 Romeo [ft. Cherri V]
08 She Might Holla
09 Out the Box
10 Random Thoughts
11 New Discovery
12 Piano Cry
13 Pengting [ft. Opium]
14 Born Into a Lie

Wiley has put out yet another album in less than 2 weeks. Wiley’s last album 100% Publishing was released last week, and now he is back with The Chill Out Zone. We suspect Wiley hasn’t left the studio in over 3 weeks, the man is simply pumping out song after song after song.

And to top off Wiley releasing all the music he has lately, he is allowing his latest album The Chill Zone to be downloaded for free. All you have to do is click the link above…that simple.

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