Listen to R.E.M.’S re-issue album Life’s Rich Pageant (In Full)



1. Begin the Begin
2. These Days
3. Fall on Me
4. Cuyahoga
5. Hyena (Album Version)
6. The Flowers of Guatemala
7. I Believe
8. What If We Give It Away?
9. Just a Touch?
10. Swan Swan H
11. Superman
12. Fall on Me (Demo)
13. Hyena (Demo)
14. March Song (King of Birds) (Demo)
15. These Days (Demo)
16. Bad Day (Demo)
17. Salsa (Underneath the Bunker) (Demo)
18. Swan Swan H (Demo)
19. Flowers of Guatemala (Demo)
20. Begin the Begin (Demo)
21. Cuyahoga (Demo)
22. I Believe (Demo)
23. Rotary Ten (Demo)
24. Two Steps Onward (Demo)
25. Just a Touch (Demo)
26. Mystery to Me (Demo)
27. Wait (Demo)
28. All the Right Friends (Demo)
29. Get on Their Way (What If We Give It Away?) (Demo)
R.E.M. has reissued their album Life’s Rich Pageant along with 19 previously unreleased tracks and demos. Life’s Rich Pageant was released in 1986 and R.E.M. is re-releasing their hit album to celebrate its 25 year anniversary. And to top off having 19 new songs…all the songs have been remastered.
So click on the link above and fall in love with R.E.M. all over again.

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