Breaking Benjamin set to release Greatest Hits album



Polyamorous Saturate
Skin Saturate
Medicate Saturate
So Cold We Are Not Alone
Sooner Or Later We Are Not Alone
Rain We Are Not Alone
The Diary Of Jane Phobia
Breath Phobia
Until The End Phobia
I Will Not Bow Dear Agony
Lights Out Dear Agony
Give Me A Sign Dear Agony
Blow Me Away (w/ Syd Duran of Valora)
Ordinary Man (previously unreleased)
Water (remix version of indy EP track)
Who Wants To Live Forever (2011 remix of Queen tribute song)
I Will Not Bow (acoustic mix)
Better Days (previously unreleased)
Polyamorous (acoustic mix)
Lie To Me (previously unreleased)
Lady Bug (2011 remix)
Enjoy The Silence (2011 remix)
Until The End (live acoustic)
Breath (live acoustic)
The Penn. rock band Breaking Benjamin will be releasing a greatest hits album on August 11th titled Shallow Bay: The Best Of Breaking Benjamin. The new album will obviously be featuring their best rock hits off of their past albums. But to give the  release more interest to their fans, Breaking Benjamin will release some rarities, remixes, live recordings, and previously unreleased material.
This 2 disc set should be in every Breaking Benjamin fan’s collection.

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