Free Download: Direct Hit! – Domesplitter


So apparently Direct Hit‘s new album Domesplitter leaked onto the internet. So what does the band do to combat this problem? They allow their fans to download the entire album for free until its release date next month in August.

From Direct Hit‘s webpage,

“So a bunch of people I don’t know put Domesplitter up on the internet for free over the last couple weeks. Dunno how they got it. Don’t really care that much. If you haven’t stolen it yet though, you can get it on our Bandcamp page, here:

If you haven’t preordered a copy yet (, and don’t plan on buying a record or CD, toss us a couple bucks. We’d appreciate it.

High five!”


Satan Says 03:01
In Orbit 03:11

The new album is awesome, and you can’t pass up free music…if you do…you have problems.

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