Free Download of Muhsinah’s New E.P. – Gone


1. One
2. Stop & Go
3. Gone
4. Down To 1
5. Stop
6. Till I’m Gone


The multi-talented singer/song-writer Muhsinah is back with a brand new FREE  EP titled Gone. The whole project was written, composed, produced and recorded by herself.

Here’s what Muhsinah had to say about her latest work, “After months of living, writing, and recording, I’ve just bounced a master of my new musical effort. I’m so glad to share my experiences with you all. This EP, which I call Gone, speaks from a place of emotional vulnerability. I’m happy to know that it’s helped me through my own personal changes and can help those of you dealing with a troubling time. Either way. It’s coming really soon. Thanks for sticking with me.”

Muhsinah‘s latest work is worth the effort of clicking on the DOWNLOAD link above. Her voice is amazing, and her songs are great. And the whole album is FREE. You can’t beat it!



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