Listen and Download Roniit For FREE

Roniit Cover Art


Stronger 03:02
Home 03:51
Interlude 01:37
Tomorrow 03:35
Enslaved 03:52


Live band is:
Roniit – Vocals, keyboards.
Eric W. Brown – Drums
Mikey Reeves – Guitar
Ian McCormick – Bass


Every once in awhile, there is this album that comes along that totally blows you away. Roniit‘s self titled release is one such album. This album is sick from track to track. I could NOT find one song I didn’t like. Every song has its own touch, feel, and sound that makes this album a great piece of art. To top it of, Roniit allows here album to be downloaded for FREE! Just click here: FREE DOWNLOAD – RONIIT

Roniit‘s voice is absolutely beautiful. Her voice carries and sores above many other artists I have heard in the past. And her music and beats are simply amazing and yet mesmerizing.

If you enjoyed Denver’s own Roniit, you can follow her on the interwebs here:

Facebook Page here:

Tweet her here:!/electro_doll

And check out more of her music here:

Roniit is planning a tour come January of next year, so stay tuned!



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