FREE DOWNLOAD: Thot – Obscured by the Wind

Tracklist: Obscured by the Wind

Eolien 01:25
Ortie 04:29

Thot Members:

Grégoire Fray : Guitar/Vocal/Keyboard
Gil de Chevigné : Drums /Electronics
Phyl Gillès : Piano / Keyboards
Julien Forthomme : Bass guitar
Arielle Moens : Live visuals

Yes you read the title right, the Belgian noise metal/post-rock band Thot is allowing FREE downloads of their latest album Obscured by the Wind. (You can also donate what you want)

All you have to do is click here: DOWNLOAD Thot – Obscured by the Wind  

But thats not all that they are offering, they also have limited edition of 200  silkscreened, hand numbered albums that
Include “Below the White” as a bonus song.

And yet Thot has even more to offer…

You can also buy a t-shirt that comes with a postcard that includes a unique code that will allow you to download the “Burn Edition” of Obscured by the Wind: 13 tracks, with a different ending than the others edition. Check them out below:

Go Here To Purchase: BUY SPECIAL EDIT. CD / T-Shirt 

Anyways, as for the album Obscured by the Wind, its amazing! The hard driving post-rock tunes and captivating vocals are simply fantastic. I could not get enough of this album! The heavy guitar mixed with industrial electronic music makes for a unique sound that will get you pumped. One moment Thot puts together a crunching measure and then follows it up successfully with soaring sounds and notes. Beautiful!

So what are you waiting for? Download Obscured by the Wind already!

And while your copy is downloading, check out Thot‘s new music video: Moved Hills

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