Listen to music by The GoldRoom

The Battle of Antioch


Cue The Spies (Ru Catania Mix)


So I was shown a music track to a band I had never heard before, The Battle of Antioch by The GoldRoom. I honestly had no idea what to expect. We here at Migrate get a lot of requests to check out music, its hard to listen to them all. But when I pressed the play button for The Battle of Antioch, I was immediatly hooked. There was no waiting around for the song to pick up and redeem itself. No, The GoldRoom immediately throws you into a catchy guitar riff coupled with drums that you just can’t help but move to.

The vocals are great and the guitar solo on this particular tune is fantastic!

I was really happy to have this track sent my way, I enjoyed it a lot!

The GoldRoom is out of the beautiful state on Tennessee and you can check them out here:

Or you can follow them here on Facebook:

So from us at Migrate to you guys in The GoldRoom, KEEP ON ROCKIN!





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