Morrissey: “Norwegian Massacre Not As Bad As McDonalds and KFC”

Music industry tool (idiot) for the day goes to……Morrissey. Why you might ask? Well, this vegetarian nut job takes his eating habits just a bit too far.

How far?

How about going as far as saying,  “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, (but)  that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonalds and Kentucky Fried sh*# every day.”

The 52-year-old vegetarian and animal rights activist allegedly made the remarks during a concert on Sunday in the Polish capital, Warsaw, where he is in the middle of a summer tour.

This idiotic remark has of course spilled over into the Twitter world and through the many vast avenues on the interwebs. As interesting as some of the comments on Twitter may be though, I really don’t want to have to sit here and site MrOriginalEyeball or Mozzarellastix89. Just know that Morrissey is a tool.

Morrissey is known for doing stuff like this, in fact in a recent concert about a week ago he even screened EVERY PAID fan for meat. If they had ANY meat on them, the meat was confiscated.

What a nut job…

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