Oh, Sleeper reveals new song and new album art cover

Oh Sleeper – Endseekers
Oh Sleeper has just released their latest song Endseekers from their new album Children of Fire. The latest song is sick and the album art is fantastic. Their latest album will drop on Sept. 27th on Solid State Records.
Oh, Sleeper guitarist James Erwin had this to say about the new album,“With every record we try to push the limits of what we can do with our sound. This record is an expansion of our sound and the best incarnation of the band to date. Also this is the most in depth we ever taken a concept record. Instead of 12 different stories that tie together around one theme, this album is one complete story where every track acts as a chapter in that story. Listeners will really have to grasp every part of the story to understand it fully.”

The full track listing for Children Of Fire is below:

01 – “Endseekers
02 – “Shed Your Soul
03 – “The Marriage Of Steel And Skin
04 – “Hush Yael
05 – “The Conscience Speaks
06 – “Dealers Of Fame
07 – “Means To Believe
08 – “In The Wake Of Pigs
09 – “Claws Of A God
10 – “The Family Ruin
11 – “Chewing The Stitch
12 – “Children Of Fire


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