Migrate Music Exclusive: Kyle Bobby Dunn – Ways Of Meaning


1. Dropping Sandwiches Into Chester Lake

2. Statuit

3. Canyon Medows

4. New Pures

5. Movement For The Completely Fucked

6. Touhy’s Theme

Kyle Bobby DunnStatuit

Sometimes a music submission comes along and totally takes us out of the norm. It challenges us to experience it for what it is. When this type of music finds you, You have to let it speak to you…and you must be patient to hear its voice as a whole. You cannot dissect it, cut it up, take away from, or skip through. You have to experience it all.

One such album that found us (and almost didn’t), was an ambient drone piece titled Ways Of Meaning by Kyle Bobby Dunn. This whole album is simply fantastic. It’s not your usual album though, so throw away all your notions and get ready to be taken out of your comfort zone. And if you let it, it will make you dive deep into your feelings, your emotions, and your thoughts. Ways Of Meaning is highly reflective and contemplative.

So we decided to go a little further than just talking about an album, we wanted to dive a little deeper about the man behind this work of art. Kyle Bobby Dunn.

He hails from Canada, and is a composer and arranger of somber tales and bright hopelessness…

MMN: “What got you started in composing?”

KYLE: “It started as a bit of a joke in 2002 or so. Simply grew out of this retarded ensemble that started in North Carolina for reasons dealing with serious boredom, emptiness, and illness.”
MMN:  “What is the greatest influence in your music?”
KYLE: “Feelings that harken back to more innocent times, deep loneliness, disconnected relationships and things unsaid. I’m also a big listener of classical music. That’s mainly all I listen to these days.”
MMN:  “What is it about ambient music that draws you to it?”
KYLE: “The first time I heard Eno’s Ambient music – I didn’t think so much of it. Over the years, as people have compared some of my work to that of Eno, I hear some emotionally honest moments. I especially liked 2/2 on Music for Airports because of that emotional pull. To answer the question, it can pull you in for a kiss or whisper of significance if you give it your patience.” 
MMN: “Is there one song on “Ways of Meaning” that you are particularly proud of and why?”
KYLE: Movement for the Completely Fucked is both about the seriously fragile state of my mind and about the entire world pretty much. And how we still get a kind of bliss or joy from being so messed up in our daily routines and awful doings. I don’t know if I am proud of it, but I haven’t put anything together quite like it.”
MMN: “Do you have any other music in the works?” 
KYLE: “I am working on more music. Fresh cuts and updates can be found at the Facebook monster or http://soundcloud.com/kylebobbydunn
If you like the track Statuit off of Ways Of Meaning, you can go HERE to buy the album. Trust me, it is worth it.

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