Migrate Music Exclusive: WOLF – Skull Crusher

Swedish heavy metal band WOLF asked us to show off their latest music video for their song Skull Crusher which is featured in their new album “Legions Of Bastards.” If you are not familiar with WOLF, they are a metal band that honestly keeps the 80’s metal alive and well in the music industry.

Niklas Stålvind (vocals and guitars) had this to say about making the music video for Skull Crusher,We have never had so much fun making a video as we had on this one. Smashing a car into smithereens is something we always wanted to do without cleaning up after us or get in trouble with the police. It was the best exercise/therapy you could ever wish for. I felt like I was 10 kilos lighter in both body and spirit after wards. We had to work hard to demolish it good. A Volvo is made in Sweden and hard to tear apart – just like this Heavy Metal band. This one is for all the skull crushing metal heads out there – We salute you!”

So check out WOLF and their new music video Skull Crusher below…

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