Listen: Charlie Simpson – Young Pilgrim

Charlie Simpson – Young Pilgrim (Sampler)

In anticipation of Charlie Simpson‘s release of Young Pilgrim on Monday, we got you the sampler for his new album. His album Young Pilgrim almost didn’t make the August 15th release date due to the London Riots burning down a warehouse where many indie labels stored their upcoming releases.

Charlie had this to say about the riots on NME. “The Sony/PIAS warehouse fire was very frustrating. Campaigns are so intricately planned and we didn’t think that we would be able to meet our release date. It’s been an incredibly difficult week and I feel so sorry for PIAS, it’s such bad news for indie labels.”

But we are glad he was able to move ahead and release his album Young Pilgrim.

Now go listen to the sampler already!

And for the heck of it…here is a song from Charlie’s last project FIGHTSTAR. Why? Well, because we can.

Fightstar – Our Last Common Ancestor

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