Migrate Music Exclusive: Holstenwall – Le Podium #3

Le Podium #3 : Holstenwall


1. Telomeres

2. Leviathan

3. Transition

4. Devouring

5. Guilt

6. Drone

To try to even begin to describe what Holstenwall is…can be a challenge. So to put it simply, they are a Post-Punk/Psychedelic band. They hail from Paris, France and have been together for a little over 2 years. They just put out their new E.P. Le Podium #3 recently and it is awesome! The reason is because the E.P. sounds so freaking raw. The slight imperfections in the recording, gritty sound, and humming tube amps is like a blast of vintage nostalgia to the ears. It is nice to hear something like this every once in awhile. Not many bands these days can pull off the sound that Holstenwall seems to flawlessly create. 

My personal favorite track on the E.P. Le Podium #3 has to be Telomeres. The raw guitar and psychedelic tunes is so different but yet very enjoyable. You can actually check out the music video for Telomeres below.


So if you liked Holstenwall’s new E.P. Le Podium #3 as much as we did,

you can buy it here: http://holstenwall.bandcamp.com/

Check out Holstenwall on Facebook here: HOLSTENWALL


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