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So this morning we found this lovely little E.P. work waiting for us to be listened to. It may only be 14 minutes in length, but its an enjoyable 14 minutes. The E.P. is called insearchforlight_ and is cut into two parts. insearchforlight_ is the work of a young post-hardcore French band from Nantes called Taste The Void.

We really liked Taste The Void’s raw angst and feeling in their music. After hearing what only feels like a snippet of what this band is capable of doing, we are looking forward to a longer E.P. with more music. Maybe a full length L.P.? (One can only hope.)  Even though Taste The Void may just be starting out, they have already worked alongside As We Draw, Nesseria, Revok or Pigeon, and Coilguns (Which is The Ocean side-project).

We decided we wanted to know more about this band from France and see what is behind them and their music. So we talked with Aristide H.Prévert who plays guitar for Taste The Void:

MMN: “How did Taste The Void come together?”
Taste The Void: “This project was created, virtually on the paper by me & the bassist Marco Agnan some years ago. After an eventful last year, we found the perfect line-up for us both musicaly & friendly speaking: 
Aristide at the guitar, Marco at the bass, Val’ at the second guitar & vocals, & Aloïs at the drums.
But really we were already friends before this “aventure” of ours.”
MMN: “Who was your guys inspiration for insearchforlight_ and for making Taste The Void?”
Taste The Void: “We’ve got a lot of bands that influence us, as all bands in fact… haha! I think that you can see our maxi as a mix between a lot of scenes:
 from the “old” & famous Amen Ra & Cult Of Luna to the new post scene (think Devil Sold His Soul for example) with a touch of madness from the Atlanta scene ( The Chariot, Norma Jean, Spitfire, … ). Deftones also, of course… 
It’s difficult to mention all the bands that have influenced us…
Next to these bands that you might know, we also are big fan of electro music. Like the minimal genre. Maybe have you heard of Paul Kalkbrenner? I think that you can feel it in the construction of the drums.”
MMN: “Are you guys touring or doing live shows in and around Nantes, France?”
Taste The Void: “For the moment we just have played shows in our town Nantes & also around our region. 
But we just came back from studio (Coreprod studio: As We Draw, Birds In Rows, Hourvari, … ) and we want to use our next ep in order to tour.”
MMN: “What has been your favorite part about doing shows?”
Taste The Void: “I don’t want to answer for the band. But, for me, it is a pleasure to travel. And its all because of our music.”
MMN: “How is the post-hardcore scene in France?” 
Taste The Void: “We’ve got a lot of fantastic bands!  As We Draw again,  Birds In Row, Hourvari, Time To Burn (which is dead now though), I Pilot Dæmon, Overmars,  Year Of No Light, etc, …”
MMN: “What is your guys main goal with Taste The Void?”
Taste The Void: “Just to do music that we love, and of course try to tour and hit the road because of it.”
MMN: “Do you have any more music in the works?”
Taste The Void:Yes, we just came back from studio. Another EP’s gonna follow ISFL in the next months.
Next to that, our bassist is also playing in a death metal band call “A Subtle Understatement”.
& our singer is a video maker, it happens that he made some music videos for a few bands. You can check out his work here: http://www.facebook.com/pzzle -“
MMN: “What do you think is the difference between the American post hardcore scene and Frances’?”  
Taste The Void: “The difference is the public… I don’t know much about the American public, but I’ve heard that it’s easier to tour and get shows in USA. It’s not always the case for us in France. We do have a “post-hardcore” public, but in France this kind of music is mainly underground.”

So for all you post-hardcore fans out there, America isn’t the only place on earth who can produce heavy guitars fueled by angered screams and sound good. We urge you expand your musical appreciation by giving Taste The Void a listen.

tastethevoid_live from Valentin Lurthy on Vimeo.

And if you like insearchforlight_, you can download it for FREE here: http://tastethevoid.bandcamp.com/

Also you can follow Taste The Void on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/TasteTheVoid

And catch them on Myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/tastethevoid

We hope to see more music from Taste The Void.

Interview and article done by Matthew Dickson

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