Atrophy Cover Art


Scott Addison – bass/vocals
Jason Roe – drums
Andrew Hawkins – guitar/vocals

Ready to get BRUUUTAL Migrate readers? Well, here you go! Dallas, Texas progressive death metal band Baring Teeth will take you to the depths and beyond with their new album Atrophy.

This album is sick! The guttural vocals with driven drums is fantastic. But what really makes this album worth listening to and sends it over the top is the guitar playing. The riffs are more consistent with a prog rock band than death metal, but throw in the booming vocals and this makes for one awesome mixture of music that will make you want to mosh where you stand.

Baring Teeth definitively has added a new twist on extreme metal.

Our favorite track on Atrophy has to be Vestigal Birth, the guitars are just dizzying on that particular track.

You can purchase the album Atrophy by clicking on the BUY button under the play button.

So go check out Baring Teeth on the web here: http://www.baringteethmetal.com/

Facebook them here: http://www.facebook.com/baringteeth

And if you tweet, do it here: https://twitter.com/#!/baringteeth

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