MIGRATE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: The Circle Ends Here – Where Time Leaves The Rest

Johnny Lonack – Vocals
Marco Giannini – Guitar
Francesco Murtas – Guitar
Francesco Lizzi – Bass
Filippo Fumato – Drums

Ready for some amazing post-metal from Italy? This hard driven E.P. is brought to you by The Circle Ends Here, and is titled Where Time Leaves The Rest.

Where to begin…holy $#!% this E.P. is phenomenal! And it almost passed us up. (Almost)

After going through a bunch of old mail, and doing some clean up of the ol’ email box…we found this E.P. So naturally we checked it out. And now it has been listened to at least 3 times through. Every song is sick and will rock you to the core. One song though that is an absolute MUST listen is Annihilation Of Entire Cities. That particular track is pure sonic perfection for a post-metal song.

We are really curious to see when The Circle Ends Here will release a full length album. But until then, we would love to own the E.P. Where Time Leaves The Rest. But sadly…we can’t seem to find it.

So this message is to you The Circle Ends Here…Let us, your fans get our hands on this E.P.! Maybe you guys will be gracious to have it downloadable through your Bandcamp Page

One can only hope…

Anyways, if you would like to Facebook TCEH, go to: http://www.facebook.com/thecircleendshere

And tweet them here: https://twitter.com/#!/tcehband


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