Migrate Music Exclusive: Ed Gein – Bad Luck

Bad Luck Cover Art

  Ed Gein has been one of my favorite bands for a very long time now. For years, the band would tour relentlessly, taking every opportunity they could to get on the road and play some shows. Unfortunately, shortly after their 2005 release, Judas Goats and Diesel Eaters, the band fell into some bad luck. Equipment had been stolen, vans had broken down and the band’s member’s needed some time to figure it all out. So, they went on indefinite hiatus. For those of us that followed the career of this incredible, often times politically charged, Grind/ Thrash band, this news was heartbreaking. Yet, the band reemerged in the early summer of 2011 for the release of their first new material in just under 6 years. This album carries the title Bad Luck, which seems appropriate considering that the events that led up to their hiatus was simply bad luck. However, don’t expect a repeat of their old material. In 6 years, we have to expect certain things to change. The band has taken on a more streamlined approach than they had 6 years ago. The reasoning behind this stylistic change has a lot to do with their decision to switch from all three members sharing a roughly equal share of the vocal duties to just the guitar and bass player sharing vocals. In turn, some of the more absurdly complex parts we would normally hear in Ed Gein’s music had to be foregone. But, this is not an entirely bad thing, and by eliminating some of the frantic spazziness of their earlier albums, the band has progressed towards a more coherent style. This does not mean in anyway that the band has lost any of its speed or the intimidation factor that they carried with them in the past. It’s still fast, It’s still loud and just as in your face as ever. The Thrash elements are very apparent in this album. And that’s not a bad thing.

Written By: Tommy Hemmer

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