Migrate Music Exclusive: June Deville – Swan Songs Of The Coyote

Click on song title to play:

#1 – The Grand Desperate Race For Love
#2 – Rebecca’s Evil Eye
#3 – The Blues Of The Powerful
#4 – Swords & Wines
#5 – Railway Flirt (Love in Lausanne)
#6 – Destroy Everything
#7 – Jackals Of Compassion
#8 – Dilettante
#9 – Clouds
#10 – Grass, Like Sapphic Hair
#11 – Forbidden Song I
#12 – Forbidden Song II
#13 – Forbidden Song III

June DeVille was founded in December 2007 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Their most recent release, The Swan Song of the Coyote, features an interesting incorporation of a number of musical styles, including: Grunge, Stoner, Math rock and a tinge of elements mostly related to Thrash. However, above everything else, this album is a contemporary spin on good, ol’ fashioned rock’n’roll. For the most part, the guitar and bass seem to follow one another, playing smooth riffs that have a definite groove to them. My personal favorite from the album was Railway Flirt. For those of you who are looking for something groovy, not too heavy and different, check out June DeVille. You won’t be disappointed.

June DeVille – Rebecca’s Evil Eye from Hungry Ghosts Productions on Vimeo.


Written by: Tommy Hemmer

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