Download: Death By Metal #1

This great mixtape comes via. from the awesome blog:

You can read the original article here:  written and compiled by — Cosmo Lee 

DOWNLOAD: Death By Metal #1 


1. Death – “Death by Metal”
from Death by Metal demo (Self-released, 1984)

2. Witchrist – “The Cauldron”
from Beheaded Ouroboros (Invictus, 2010)

3. Necros Christos – “Necromantique Nun”
from Doom of the Occult (Sepulchral Voice, The AJNA Offensive, 2011)

4. Goreaphobia – “The Attractor”
from Apocalyptic Necromancy (Dark Descent, 2011)

5. Cianide – “Forsaken Doom”
from Gods of Death (Hells Headbangers, 2011)

6. Disma – “Spectral Domination”
from Towards the Megalith (Profound Lore, 2011)

7. Entrenched – “Anesthetic Death”
from Preemptive Strike (Horror Pain Gore Death, 2011)

8. Zombiefication – “Anthem to the Death March”
from Midnight Stench (Chaos, 2010)

9. Goregast – “Puerco de Dinero”
from Desechos Humanos (F.D.A. Rekotz, 2011)

10. Apocryphon – “Synaesthesia”
from EP 2011 (Self-released, 2011)

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