Migrate Music Exclusive Interview: Cosmonauts Day

Live Demos (EP) Cover Art


Krasen – bass
Nikita – drums
Chekan – guitars
Dima – guitars

Cosmonauts Day…you probably have never heard of this awesome band before. But if you are a fan of Pelican or Isis, you will have no problem liking these guys. Cosmonauts Day hails from Moscow, Russia and is taking their music and sound to one person at a time and converting them into avid followers.

Cosmonauts Day recently released their E.P. ‘Live Demos.’ The E.P. and their music is so raw. The reason is because they actually recorded their E.P. by playing live together. Think about that for a second…if they are this good sounding on a ‘Live Demo’ E.P. with a jerry rigged recording setup, they have to be freaking sick live.

The whole E.P. is strong, and just has this unique vibe going the whole time. Our favorite track is the eleven minute monster of a song Scott Von Scogin. That whole track takes you to sonic highs and lows, and carries you along the entire way. When a lot of bands now a days force their sound onto the listener and even in cases themselves…Cosmonauts Day seems to let their sound just come to them, and they let it flow to the listener. Having that ability to do so,  is simply beautiful. There is definite chemistry between these guys. You can feel it in their music.

Also you can download their E.P. “Live Demos” for FREE. Just click Download on the player above.

So having said that, we decided to get to know them a little better. Here is our interview with guitarist Dmitriy Churilov of Cosmonauts Day.

MMN: “So when did Cosmonauts Day first start out as a band? What is your guys history?”

Dmitriy Churilov: “We started back in 2008,  in Moscow as three piece outfit: Me and Chekan for guitars and Sergey for drums. We tried to play music that we liked at that time – especially in the post-hardcore genre. Some examples would be like early Norma Jean, The Chariot, or Meleeh. We made a rough video demo, and put it up on youtube and immedietly found our bass player Andres because he watched it and wanted to get involved. Since than we tried to evolve into doing some post metal, post rock, but troubles with the drummer appeared soon thereafter. We actually changed like 6 or 8 drummers before we found our current drummer Nikita. But with him on board we feel we have formed a strong line up for our live shows.
MMN: “What is your guys inspiration for your style of music?”
Dmitriy Churilov: “At first, our inspiration was music from other bands.  But now we gather our inspiration from ourselves. There are a lot of aspects about being human that encourage us to do what we do, for instance like our place on this Earth, our inner universe, and just a human’s connection with things beyond him. Our approach is to put everything that bothers us physically and emotionally, and then let it flow through us and give it a musical form.”
MMN:  “So tell us about the writing process behind your E.P. ‘Live Demos.’ 
Dmitriy Churilov: It was hard. We didn’t have any studio experience before. We didn’t even know anything about the recording process, so we just grabbed a guy who agreed to be our sound engineer. After that we entered the recording studio and started playing all our material live. Then we mixed it the ghetto way, and sent it to a Russian indie label called RAIG. They actually liked it a lot and suggested to us to release a full length album. When we got that news, it was really exciting. But at that time we as a band decided that the sound wouldn’t fit for our first LP, but as a demo it would work. So we remixed and remastered some of our early recorded music at Destroy The Humanity Studios in Moscow and released those tracks as ‘Live Demos.
MMN: “What is your guys favorite track on your E.P. and why?”
Dmitriy Churilov: They all have different moods, so we enjoy playing all of them. Cave of Trees seems like a mysterious journey through a dark woods of a psychic mind. It just has a lot of very intense musical moments and bursts of energy – it’s a very good song for live gigs. Eashmeah is more of a concentrated, meditative, psychodelic track with a strong shoegaze approach in some parts. Its a hard song to play due to working with multiple pedals constantly, haha! Scott Von Scogin is real epic…its the titan of the EP, the hammer that smashes the ground. We usually play it at the end of our shows because afterwards we get so worn out from it we can barely move. So we start out with our light as a feather  post rock song The Last Watchman to bring us and the listeners from the dark depths to a blue sky.We like to keep things positive, haha!”
MMN: “So you guys play live shows, but are you touring? Have you had a chance to hit the road any?”
Dmitriy Churilov: “Yes, definitely! We really love playing live and traveling to different places. It is awesome to see other bands that share the same approach to music as us, as well as hanging with them. We hope we can continue to tour and travel in the future, as well as experience more things along the way. That’s half the fun, haha!”  
MMN: “What is your favorite part about playing live shows?”
Dmitriy Churilov: “The same as rehearsing and recording: to put everything through us and materialize the energy we create and take it everywhere we play. We have our own video that we play behind us during our live shows. We  try to do our best to put people in the same atmosphere and feel as we are at the moment.”
MMN: “How is the music scene for your genre over in Russia? Is it accepted widely or is mainly underground music?”
Dmitriy Churilov: It’s as underground as it gets, but we have developed this music with help from our community at Dirgenera. They help make our shows interesting all over Russia. They bring in artists from foreign countries like Knut from Switzerland, Keelhaul and Bruce Lamont from the US, Talbot from Estonia and so on. We  also contribute to different artists as well who make art for our gig posters and cd artworks, as well as our merch or videos for our live shows and so on.”
So go download their E.P. ‘Live Demos’ for FREE above, and also help support this awesome band by LIKING them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/cosmonautsday
Review and interview done by Matthew Dickson

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