Watch: Radiohead – Live From The Basement (IN FULL)

Radiohead has finally released their hour long special ‘From The Basement.’ The special originally aired back in July on BBC. But for those of us outside of the U.K. we were out of luck and relegated to search the internet for any signs of the show in full. But now, Radiohead has released the entire show for all of us to watch.

So check out the setlist, and press play.


01. Bloom (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

02. Thе Daily Mail (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

03. Feral (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

04. LіttƖе Bу LіttƖе (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

05. Codex (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

06. Separator (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

07. Lotus Flower (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

08. Staircase (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

09. Morning Mr. Magpie (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

10. Give Up Thе Ghost (Live Frοm Thе Basement)

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