Download and Watch: Hopsin – ill Mind Of Hopsin 4 / Pans In The Kitchen

Ok, so another underground artist that I feel I should share with you is “Hopsin!” This guy is destined to be great! One problem with underground artists though is they don’t know when to stop with the battle raps showing off their lyricism ability and focus on making good songs. I have no problem with listening to underground cd’s all day, but most of the people who listen to rap just want a really good song to listen to. Hopsin is the perfect mix of lyrical assassin/song writer to be popular in the underground scene AND have main stream hip hop fans loving him too. Hopsin’s two cd’s “Gazing At The Moonlight” and “Raw” are always either in my car, cd player at my house, my ipod, and even my lady’s car at some point. Pretty much wherever I go Hopsin followes me. Would it be a stretch to say that both of his cd’s are classic hip hop albums? NO, NOT AT ALL! Anyone who hasn’t heard Hopsin should go to this guy’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel  and check him out.
He is the total package and I think it is sad to say he doesn’t have a record deal considering when both of his albums are up there with some of the best albums I have heard. This guy to me is the all around best underground MC. Both of his albums are absolutely amazing and I love every minute of them. They are filled with concepts, lyricism, and all around great music. When I listened to Hopsin I was actually shocked that this guy didn’t have a huge record deal. The industry is completely sleeping on this guy! He is a gold mine to whoever signs him, just sayin. I am anxiously waiting for “Knock Madness” which is supposed to be his next album that is set to be released in 2012. If it is as good as his last two albums were, he could easily turn into one of the greatest MC’s of all time. Hopefully by then someone will give him the recognition he deserves. When he came to Cincinnati I had the unfortunate luck of getting sick, so I missed his last show here. But I can guarantee now, that no matter if i’m sick or not during his next visit, I will not miss him!  So take some time out of your day to go check out Hopsin. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!
Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4

Pans In The Kitchen


Article by Tyler Ritchie

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