Migrate Music Review: The Death Set

The Death Set released their most resent album Michel Poiccard in March of 2011. The album is noticeably different from their last in a number of ways. Most explicitly, there are actually some slow songs on the album. The band has had to deal with a sizeable amount of grief since relocating to the states, including the death of their front man, founding member Beau Velasco. This album is the first of which Beau did not help write and record. However, he did play a considerable role in influencing the album. In fact, there is a song on the album titled “I Miss you Beau Velasco”. Here, you can really feel the anguish these guys have felt since his passing. However, the album does not lack all the elements one might expect in a Death Set album. They are still heavily influenced by the Beastie Boys and when they play fast, they play faster than ever with an intensity unrivaled by their previous releases. Check out this video below and see for yourself:


Review by Tommy Hemmer

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