Kanye West and Jay-Z perform “Otis” at the VMA’s last night!

Last night at the VMA’s, Kanye West and Jay-Z performed their hit song “Otis.” It was a really good performance, and to have two legends of hip hop be on stage at the same time is great for the hip hop community. Watch their performance with the video below. (If you pay attention closely around the 1:55 mark. You can see someone run up on stage and Jay-Z looks really confused and almost pissed off. Just figured I would give you viewers a heads up just in case you missed it!)


Watch: Kanye West and Jay-Z perform “Otis”


On a side note, Jay-Z is going to be a Dad! Last night Jay and Beyonce let everyone know that Beyonce is pregnant! It was a shocker to me, and especially how they let the world know! Congrats Jay and Beyonce.

Article by Tyler Ritchie

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