Migrate Remembers: Usurp Synapse

Usurp Synapse is by all means my all time favorite band. if you were to ask me why, I probably couldn’t even accurately articulate into words an appropriate answer. They’re from Lafayette, Indiana and only performed together from 1999-2000. In 2003 they released a discography titled Disinformation Fix. The album came with two CD’s and archived the bands many releases beginning with their most recent and ending with their oldest. It is amazing how much you can hear the band evolve over those two short years. The album contains 61 songs. The band was known for their interesting marketing habits and the quick, spazzy songs, which combines elements of grindcore drumming and frantic high-pitched guitar work. Most of their stuff is out of print aside from the discography. In 2008 they released their final material for free on the band’s myspace page. This short EP consisted of two songs broken down into movements and was called A Vile Contamina.

watch live footage:


Article by Tommy Hemmer

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