Migrate Music Review: Voice Of Ruin

Voice of Ruin is a metalcore/ deathcore band from Geneva, Switzerland. Earlier this year they released their debut, self titled LP on Heimathome Records. Upon first listening I noticed a number of things: the record is fast, it’s fairly intense, there are lots of hammer-ons and pull-offs, lots of chugs and lots of bass drops. Being that these things are the quintessential elements of deathcore, we then have to see if these elements are utilized in a way that makes the album stand out as a cohesive work and that it brings something to the table that is worth listening to. And, I think that the album definitely does just that. It may use a lot of the older elements of deathcore to the table, but it mixes them with elements more in line with metalcore and brings with it a certain level of melody and groove that can be missing in most contemporary deathcore. I think fans of both genres could enjoy this band and that the musicians are definitely talented. I hope to hear new stuff from them in the future and I’m excited to see how they will grow as musicians. For fans of Despised Icon, Suicide Silence, etc.

You can listen to their music here: reverbnation.com/voiceofruin

Facebook and “Like” them here: facebook.com/voiceofruin


Article by Tommy Hemmer


Migrate Music Review: Truth – Troubled

Download: Truth – Troubled

The other day we got a submission from a native rapper from Ohio. Truth be told (pun intended) I thought I was gonna hear some corny guy with a non existent flow. Instead what I heard, was unsigned gold! I have listened to many albums this year from rappers with multi million dollar contracts who don’t have the flow, style, or even ability to stay on topic for an entire song. Truth has all three of these things and more. The only thing he is missing is the millions of dollars.
It saddens me when I hear someone good enough to make it in the business but has had no chances, or has been turned down quicker then you can blink your eyes! Truth brings a certain street style that is widely accepted in hip hop. His rhymes are uplifting and have meaning. The samples in his songs are great to hear and accompany his style and voice perfectly.
In his song “Troubled” he talks about his everyday life. Not everyone can relate to one person’s life or upbringing. So Truth takes it a step further when he brings up issues effecting everyday life for people all across America. Such as homes being foreclosed, gas prices rising, and people with a promise of getting a job when they graduate college with a degree, NOT being able to get a job in this time of recession. I’ve already listened to “Troubled” a good ten times, it’s quite catchy.
So my conclusion of “Truth.” Well I can respectfully say the guy has talent. He flows to the beat flawlessly, talks about stuff people can relate too, and most importantly he has the skill to come up in the game. If you asked me if I could see Truth on MTV or on the radio, I would most definitely have to say yes. Take a listen and see what I mean. After only listening to three songs, he has popped up on my radar and I will be watching for his next moves.
Below is a link to his sound cloud, youtube, twitter, and facebook. On his sound cloud he has two other songs named “Fall For You”  and “Got It Made.” Both I might add are just as good as “Troubled.” Fans of hip hop, rejoice because Truth is real, and a future up-and-comer! You heard it here first from Migrate Music!

Article by Tyler Ritchie

Listen: Nasty – “Letter To Myself”

So I bet most of you haven’t heard of Nasty. Well that’s why Migrate Music is here. What would you do without us?! Seriously though… Nasty is an underground rapper who is extremely overlooked because of his voice. He sounds almost identical to a guy named Marshall Mathers aka Eminem! Now Nasty has said probably hundreds of times that he feels cursed because of how close his voice resembles Eminem’s and he can’t get any attention from record labels because of it. I do feel bad for him because the guy can flow, rhyme, and make concepts.  This guy can do it all. He is a great MC that will most likely be over looked his entire career.

Here is a song below just showcasing some of his skills. Hopefully Migrate Music can help get him some new fans.

We told you…he sounds like Eminem.

Article by Tyler Ritchie

Migrate Music Review: Powerwolves – You Won’t Find Peace

You Won’t Find Peace, the debut full length from Powerwolves is a punch in the face from beginning to end. The music is fast and in your face, reminiscent of Pulling Teeth. Yet, through all the intensity it still contains a certain amount of melody. At times the album reminds me of The Esoteric, and at others it reminds me of Hate your Guts. Although the style of music is not exactly novel, fans of hardcore will find much enjoyment in this album. The entire album contains a certain amount of groove behind all of it, even when it slows down. You won’t be able to help but bob your head to songs like the title track, “You Won’t Find Peace”. Aside from that, there are lots of parts in the album that are reminiscent of old ‘circle pit’ hardcore punk. For fans of Pulling Teeth, The Hope Conspiracy, Hate Your Guts, Swampthing and whole slew of contemporary hardcore.

You can purchase the new album You Won’t Find Peace here: www.panicrecords


Article by Tommy Hemmer

Download: M83 – Midnight City (Official Big Black Delta Remix)

Download: M83 – Midnight City (Official Big Black Delta Remix)  

M83 just released this fresh off the press. It only took a month, but a remix of M83‘s single Midnight City is finally here. The official remix is done by Big Black Delta. Now if you have the original Midnight City track stuck in your head, you might have a hard time wrapping your mind around this faster paced version.

Personally…if I can state my mind on this remix…I feel like I’m stuck on some 80’s drug induced frenzy. And then at the 1:50 mark the room starts spinning.

In other words, I really don’t know what to make of this version.

But hey, if you like it…download it for free by clicking on the link under the music player.

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: That Art Thou – Without Me Around / Two Years Too Long / Forgive Me Father

Download: That Art Thou – Without Me Around

Download: That Art Thou – Two Years Too Long 

Download: That Art Thou – Forgive Me Father

Alright, you guys want some great acoustic music coupled with some amazing vocals to chill to? Then check out Riverside, Cali’s indie trio That Art Thou. The band consists of members Jaron Paschke,  Michael Perez, and Paul Zimmer.

We came across this band last night and after hearing a few of their tracks, we decided to share them with you because these guys are the real deal. The music is strong, the vocals are even stronger, and the lyrics are deep. Very deep.

Too bad we are not in Riverside…or we would be hitting up this FREE SHOW on Friday.

So check out That Art Thou on Facebook here: facebook.com/thatartthou

And download those tunes up there! They are FREE.

Article by Matthew Dickson

Listen: The Day We Left Earth – Lights

The Day We Left Earth – Lights

We are always on the hunt for new music constantly. And sometimes we come across music that just grabs you. The track above comes courtesy from Denmark from a post-rock band called The Day We Left Earth. The single Lights is off of their upcoming self titled debut album.

The new album still has no set date for release, but until then…enjoy their sonic masterpiece of sound “Lights.”

Find The Day We Left Earth on the web here: dayweleftearth.com

Check out The Day We Left Earth on Facebook here: facebook.com/thedayweleftearth

Article by Matthew Dickson