Brutal Truth Set To Release New Album

End Time Cover Art

Brutal Truth, one of the godfather’s of grindcore, are set to release a new record at the end of the month on Relapse Records. This will be their first release since 2009’s Evolution Through Revolution and their sixth studio album to date. The album is called End Time and you can check out some more information and some tracks from the release by clicking HERE:


Article by Tommy Hemmer

Migrate Music Exclusive: Young Statues


In the winter of 2010, a spontaneous trip to Athens, GA became the birth of New Jersey/Philadelphia indie-rock outfit Young Statues. The record first began to take shape at Chase Park Transduction Studios, where a series of songs were recorded between friends, songs that were initially never intended to be released. Intrigued by the results of these sessions, songwriter and vocalist Carmen Cirignano decided to continue working on them with longtime producer and engineer Steve Poponi at the Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, NJ.  It was here, with the help of bassist Tom Ryan and drummer Daniel Bogan, that these songs were transformed into the impressive debut record for a band comprised of longtime friends in the Philadelphia area music scene. Full of swelling guitars, intricate vocal melodies and introspective lyrics, “Young Statues” is evidence of a group of musicians who have honed their skills and made a record to be revered for its beauty, tact, and honesty.

The Young Statues have completed their Self Titled debut L.P. and will be set to release it on Nov. 8th via. Run For Cover Records.

Below is their tracklist for their debut album:

01. Spacism
02. Athens
03. Half Light
04. Bumble Bee
05. Losing A Friend
06. Young Statues
07. We Trusted Everything Enough
08. Keep It Dark
09. Pretty Girls Make Raves
10. Your Seasons Stay The Same
11. Meet Me At The Hudson

Also you can hear two songs off of the album below and download their single We Trusted Everything Enough for FREE.


Download: Young Statues – We Trusted Everything Enough 


Listen: Young Statues – Losing A Friend


Check out Young Statues on the web here: YOUNG STATUES


You can also catch them live on these dates:

Sep 23           The Auction House Audubon, NJ                                   

Nov 26           The Early November reunion show @ Starland Ballroom       Sayreville, NJ



  Article by Matthew Dickson






Listen: So Many Ways – I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

So Many Ways – I’ve Made A Huge Mistake


We try our best to find music that covers many different genres to share with all of you, and we try to highlight some bands that we think should get some more attention for what they are doing. And one such band that we like is Chicago’s own So Many Ways. The band put out their Self Titled album recently and we thought we would share a song off of it called I’ve Made A Huge Mistake.

So check it out!


Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: Lightouts – “All I Want, Heroes” / Dress Shop / The Eloise Suite

DOWNLOAD: Lightouts – “All I Want / Heroes”   LCD Soundsystem/David Bowie

DOWNLOAD: Lightouts – Dress Shop

DOWNLOAD: Lightout – The Eloise Suite 

The Lightouts are back with some new music, and to top it all off…its all free to download. All you have to do is click on the download links under the music player or click on the down arrow on each track. But the must listen track on display here is the re-imagining of LCD Soundsystem’s “All I Want” and David Bowie’s “Heroes” merged into one sweet track.

So what are you waiting for? There are three sweet songs ready to be added to your music collection for free!

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download and Listen: Chuck Ragan – Nomad By Fate

Listen: Chuck Ragan – Nomad By Fate 

Free Download: Chuck Ragan – Nomad By Fate 

When i saw this today, I had to post it up. Chuck Ragan has streamed his new song Nomad By Fate AND has allowed the song to be downloaded for free. All you have to do is click on the listen link under the picture and then download the song if you like it via the download link.

Nomad By Fate will be featured on Ragan’s upcoming new album, ‘Covering Ground’ which drops on September 13th through SideOneDummy Records.

Article by Matthew Dickson

Migrate Music Video Premiere: Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away Ft. Valora

Well despite Breaking Benjamin breaking up and only basically being Benjamin (say that five times fast), they have put out a new music video for their remake of Blow Me Away. Yes the song has been around for awhile, and every HALO fan knows the song by heart. But this remake features the singing talent of Valora, and is featured on their upcoming Greatest Hits Album. Which to be honest…really doesn’t make sense. I like BB, but a greatest hits album? Too soon in my opinion. Seems as though this album has done its damage to the band, case in point…no member shows up in the video.

But here is their *hem* Benjamin’s video for Blow Me Away Ft.Valora


Article by Matthew Dickson


We are proud to introduce to you exclusive content by STAIND. STAIND will release their highly anticipated, self-titled, 7th studio album via Flip/Atlantic Records – September 13, 2011.  Produced by Johnny K (Disturbed, Sevendust), STAIND is a return to the band’s heaviest roots that hearken back to their 1999 major label debut, Dsyfunction.  Described by the band as a throwback of where they came from, STAIND is the band’s most intense and powerful work to date.

The debut single, ‘Not Again,’ is currently top 5 at active rock radio and the fastest rising single in the band’s history.

STAIND’s 16-year-plus career has garnered over 13 million in worldwide album sales, five #1 singles at 3 different radio formats, and the most played rock song of the past decade,  ‘It’s Been Awhile.’

Staind dove into bleaker recesses than ever before and surfaced with their heaviest and most hypnotic album to date, STAIND, their self-titled, seventh studio album.

The multi-platinum Massachusetts hard rock outfit—Aaron Lewis, Mike Mushok, and Johnny “Old School” April—pushed itself to the very brink. There was struggle and strife, but, as a result, Staind constructed a collection of chaotically melodic songs that hearken back to their 1999 major label debut, Dysfunction, while wielding an instrumental and lyrical prowess that could only be cultivated by 16 years of writing, recording, and touring together.

Along the way, the band forged a melodic musical maelstrom that served as solace for fans of all ages. They sold 15 million albums worldwide, had eight top ten singles across multiple formats with three songs hitting number one, and wrote the most-played rock song of the past decade, “It’s Been Awhile.” Three out of six albums—Break the Cycle, 14 Shades of Grey, and Chapter V—debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and 2008’s The Illusion of Progress peaked at #3. On STAIND, they channel the intensity from their early days with tight, taut technicality. Mushok augments an avalanche of baritone guitars with a searing solo on the track “Eyes Wide Open” as Lewis schizophrenically screams. Meanwhile, “The Bottom,” featured on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack, twists and turns through a haze of grinding guitars, bass, and drums. These songs are raw and real. They’re heavy and honest. They’re pure and powerful. They’re everything Staind was always meant to be.

Mushok sums up the band’s return to form best. “It’s like Dysfunction 2011,” he smiles. “The music goes back to where we started, but there’s still melody. We were ready to make an album that was heavy from beginning to end. It was time.” ” I aimed to create distance between Staind and my solo material,” declared Lewis.  “We decided to go back to what we were doing initially.”

The decision to make a heavier album proved unanimous among the band. Staind regrouped in December 2010 as a spring deadline loomed. In rehearsals, they tensely tore through ideas before arriving at what would become these songs. With Johnny K (Disturbed, Sevendust) returning behind the board, Staind constructed a studio that mirrored the producer’s inside of Lewis’ Western Massachusetts barn. They recorded drums, bass, and vocals in the barn, while Mushok cut his guitars in the band’s Springfield, MA rehearsal spot.

During the winter months, Lewis stood mired in an intense balancing act of promoting his solo EP, “Town Line,” and toiling over STAIND.  During this time, Town Line debuted at #1 on the Billboard country charts and #7 on the Billboard 200 and garnered Lewis two CMT award nominations. He’d play acoustic shows on the weekend and then return home to commence tracking during the week.  Still, inspiration didn’t truly strike until the last possible moment in April when he wrote and recorded the majority of the album’s lyrics in two grueling and nerve-wracking two-day stints. Those eleventh hour sessions were an emotional exorcism.

“Pressure usually kicks in my creativity, but I’ve never been quite so stressed out over an album,” reveals Lewis. “There were a lot of schedule clashes and differences of opinion, and I was trying to muscle through it all. I was burnt from running ragged, and nothing would come out lyrically for months. We’d talk about ideas, but it didn’t happen until the end. Those were real feelings of discontent arising within the whole process. There’s nothing like shit coming off real—when it’s real. I guess that was my breaking point. It was a big heaving deep breath when it was over.”

Mushok adds, “This was a hard record to make. We weren’t all together in the same place the whole time, and Aaron and I butted heads about the music. In hindsight, it all paid off and we ended up with a better album.”

Every moment of the process was captured in a forthcoming documentary piece, which Lewis aptly dubs, “Some Kind of Monster on steroids. It unveils everything that went into this.” After finishing the album, Staind underwent another significant change. The band amicably parted ways with original drummer Jon Wysocki.

“Not Again,” the lead single, brandishes a vicious vitality, teetering between pummeling guitars and an incisive, infectious hook. “That was born out of the frustrations of making this record,” exclaims Lewis. “It came out of being really fucking pissed off, and you can hear that in my voice.”

You can also hear it loud and clear on the gritty and gruff groove of “Wannabe,” where the singer spits vitriol at faceless online detractors. Then there’s “Failing,” which snaps from a haunting harmony into an entrancing refrain. With clean guitar and vocals, “Something to Remind You” is sparse and elegantly brutal, while “Paper Wings” burns with raw rage.

“There’s a deeper anger to the vocals and music,” explains April. “Some of the riffs Mike came up with were challenging and incredibly different. We’ve grown so much, and at the same time managed to find out way back to our roots.”

Since day one, Staind has found ways to make darkness beautiful, wrapping shards of melody inside a distorted hum. Mushok continues, “I’m very happy to know we can go back to where we came from and write a record like this. It wasn’t an easy process, but it was worth it.”

Ultimately, Staind will continue their legacy. “As a songwriter, you can only hope someone feels what you’re feeling,” concludes Lewis. “In terms of what I get off my chest, the subject matter has always been a release for me. I think this record is another perfect example of that.”

So check out the latest music by STAIND below:

STAIND – Not Again

STAIND – Eyes Wide Open

Also here is thier just released tracklist below for their upcoming album.


Eyes Wide Open   00:03:30
Not Again  00:04:34
Failing  00:05:26
Wannabe  00:03:49
Throw It All Away  00:04:24
Take A Breath  00:03:56
The Bottom  00:04:15
Now  00:03:44
Paper Wings  00:04:23
Something To Remind You  00:04:07

Article by Matthew Dickson