Drive A Victims Of Strange Bus Break-In While In Chicago On Rock Allegiance Tour with Papa Roach and P.O.D.

Our sources have informed us that Los Angeles’ Drive A were the victims of a bizarre bus break-in earlier this week in downtown Chicago, while on a break from their run on the Rock Allegiance Tour with Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Puddle of Mud, P.O.D., Red and Crossfade.


This past Tuesday night, as band members and crew slept on their bus while parked in an underground garage located in an area frequented by transients, an unidentified person entered the vehicle and made off with money, food, booze, clothing and an iPod, while leaving their gear untouched.


The band is taking it in stride, as front Bruno Mascolo explains, “I guess to make it in music these days you have to fully commit yourself, even if it means your home away from home being raided by homeless people on occasion. That being said, the next homeless person that asks us for change, we will be checking his pocket for our ipod. I’m just glad everyone is okay.”


Rock Alliance Tour (9/02-9/21 & 9/25):



          Sep 02         SOARING EAGLE CASINO  Mt Pleasant, MI                        

          Sep 04         AMP @ WHARF       Orange Beach, AL                     

          Sep 05         Green Iguana          Tampa, FL                       

          Sep 07         FAU Arena    Boca Raton, FL                          

          Sep 09         LAWRENCE JOEL COLISEUM        Winston Salem, NC                   

          Sep 10         Ntelos Wireless Pavillion    Portsmouth, VA                       

          Sep 11         The Brewery  Rochester, NY                          

          Sep 13         WEST VIRGINIA MOTOR SPEEDWAY      Parkersburg, WV                       

          Sep 14         PromoWest Pavillion         Columbus, OH                          

          Sep 16         Main Street Armory Rochester, NY                           

          Sep 18         THE WOODS Nashville, TN                  

          Sep 20         HEARTLAND EVENT CENTER OUTDOORS         Grand Island, NE                      

          Sep 21         THEATRE @ WORLD ARENA        Colorado Springs, CO       


          Sep 24        Verizon Amphitheater   Irvine, CA             EPICENTER FESTIVAL 2011   


          Sep 25         Power Balance Pavilion


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Article by Matthew Dickson

Sky Eats Airplane breaks up

The guys over at got a chance to sit down with Zach Ordway from Sky Eats Airplane to see what he had to say about the split.

You can go here to read the interview in full:

Excerpts from the interview on

And now for the question no one knows the answer to… What is the status of Sky Eats Airplane? Are you guys still together and just on standby, plan on recording soon, or anything?

SEA has endured a lot, from business problems to lineup changes to internal problems with specific members. I personally feel that the band was neglected by its label and management, which really kept the band from moving forward. But what really broke our spirits was the addition of SEA’s latest frontman Bryan Zimmerman.

I will admit we came to our decision on Bryan in a hasty manner after months of searching for anyone who was decent enough to front the band, and to our disappointment we settled with Bryan to get things moving. But touring with someone who was a pathological and compulsive liar, emotionally unstable, and a thief was just too much and was the last straw for us. After just two tours with this new lineup we could no longer stand to tour together. Contrary to what Zimmerman has said, we did NOT abandon him in Maryland in the middle of a tour or anything to that effect, although it was an idea. We finished our dates on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour and headed back to Texas to play one last SEA show without Bryan.

SEA played its last show at Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, Texas and had guests including Micah Kinard (Oh, Sleeper) and Luis Dubuc (The Secret Handshake, Of Legends) to fill in on vocals. We even elected people from the crowd to come up on stage and perform with us. It was actually a really cool experience but after the night was over, we all knew it was probably the end for Sky Eats Airplane. So we’ve officially disbanded and are all busy with many other projects, forcing SEA to remain in an indefinite hiatus. There have been “talks” about trying to put out another record just to appease the few loyal SEA fans out there, but nevertheless it remains unlikely. I’d rather focus on other things.

Any last words for your fans and people who live under a rock and haven’t heard any of your projects yet?

For anyone who follows what I do, thanks for the support and encouragement. For those who don’t, give these projects a listen and know that you are listening to music I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into. Unscathed by current trends with no image to sell you; and I do it alongside some of the best musicians I know. Also, follow the work of Elliot Coleman and Travis Orbin if you aren’t already. They are two guys who have genuine talent and skill that impresses me every day.