Listen: Surfer Blood – Miranda

Surfer Blood – Miranda

Want some music to dance around in your room with? Here is the perfect track! Introducing to your ears, Miranda by Surfer Blood. Their newest single is off of their E.P. called Tarot Classics which is set to be released on Kanine Records on October 25th.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Article by Matthew Dickson

Migrate Music Premiere: Memories Of A Dead Man – Spoken Yet Never Heard

French metal band Memories Of A Dead Man has asked us to premiere their song Spoken Yet Never Heard off of their latest E.P. called MAZE. You can check out the single below, and you can buy the E.P. MAZE on iTunes here: MAZE 

Memories Of A Dead Man is currently working on a full length album that is set to drop sometime mid next year.


Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: Moon Prototype – Faith in the Trash

Download: Moon Prototype – Faith in the Trash 

When I listen to this song by Moon Prototype, I can’t help but think of Nine Inch Nails. Anyways, Moon Prototype just put out their latest single Faith In The Trash yesterday, and I totally dig it. The new single is off of their upcoming E.P. called From My Belly which is set to drop on September 6th on White Leaves Music.

You can listen and download the new single for FREE by clicking on the download link under the music player.

You can check out Moon Prototype on facebook here: MP Facebook  

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: Divided By Friday – Lost In Limbo

Download: Divided By Friday – Lost In Limbo 

Divided By Friday has released their new album Prove It today! So to commemorate their release you can listen and download their latest single Lost In Limbo for free. You can also stream their entire E.P. in full right here:

So click on the link up their and add another song to your music collection for FREE.

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: Wavves – I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl

Download: Wavves – I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl 

Pop-Punk band Wavves has announced that they will be releasing a new E.P. titled Life Sux on September 20th. Now if you have never heard of this band, you need to give them a listen. We got their newest single called I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl right here for you to check out.

So if Life Sux, and the economy Sux…download some free music courtesy of us and Wavves.

What would make your day suck even more is if you didn’t click on the download link up there.

Article by Matthew Dickson

Migrate Music Review: Winter Dust – Existence

Existence Cover Art


Marco Vezzaro (vocals, guitar)

Marco belloni (piano, synth)

Marco Lezzerini (bass)

Marco Macchini (drums)

Fabio Gallato (guitar)

We love hearing new music at Migrate Productions. No matter what genre, and no matter where it comes from…we have an open ear to what people bring to the table for us to listen to. So when this album was presented to me to check out, naturally I got excited.

Winter Dust is a post-hardcore band from Padova, Italy. They formed the band back in 2003, but broke up in 2008. It wasn’t until recently that they got back together with new members along with a new sense of direction to produce their latest E.P. titled Existence.

The E.P. is enjoyable to listen to, and  I really like the mixture of the piano and guitars. It gives their tracks some depth that not a lot of bands are willing to do these days. My personal favorite track on this 4 song E.P. is the self titled song Existence. Again, the piano mixed in with the guitars is what makes this track strong.

Also what is interesting is the vocals. For some reason when hear Vezzaro’s voice, I can’t help but think Polar Bear Club. (If you don’t know who they are…you are missing out.)

But the thing I like the most about this album is the fact that Winter Dust is distributing their E.P. for FREE. So all you have to do is click on the Download link on the player up there and add it to your music collection.

If you like Winter Dust, then by all means check them out on the web here:

Facebook them here:

And Tweet them here:!/WinterDust_band

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download and Listen: KORN Feat. Skrillex – Get Up (Autoerotique Mix)

Download: Korn Feat. Skrillex – Get Up (Autoerotique Mix) 

Below is the original mix that was released four months back.

Yeah your eyes and ears are not deceiving you. KORN and Skrillex have teamed up together to produce a KORN remixed dubstep album. The new album is said to be near completion and KORN just released their Skrillex remix of Get Up which you can hear and download for free above. The new album will also feature Datsik along with other dubstep artists.

Also check out the latest music that was just put out today by Skrillex featuring music off of his E.P. More Monsters And Sprites.

Article by Matthew Dickson