Plug In Stereo Announces Three Shows With Never Shout Never; Tweet For A Track campaign launched for Mixtape Vol. 2

Portland-based singer songwriter Trevor Dahl aka Plug In Stereo has announced three shows with Never Shout Never next month. Also joining the band on the bill will be A Rocket To The Moon, Fake Problems, and Carter Hulsey (who toured with PIS earlier this year). 

All tour dates can be found on Plug In Stereo’s official website ( and below.

09/22 Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall *

09/24 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom *

09/27 San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre *

 * with Never Shout Never, A Rocket To The Moon, Fake Problems, Carter Hulsey

Along with that, PIS has launched a Tweet For A Track campaign for their free EP, Mixtape Vol. 2. Every week, a new track will be posted and fans can download each song in exchange for one tweet or Facebook post. Last week’s post included his cover of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love.” Today, Trevor’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Mean” was posted. Check them both out below and be on the lookout for the next two tracks. 

 “How To Love” link

“Mean” Link:     

Trevor also hosted Hits Bound on Sirius XM Hits 1 this past weekend. Here is a video of the Trevor Dahl playing “Plans” live in their studios:

The band’s debut full-length Nothing To Something was released earlier this year. The album includes the hit “Oh Darling” (featuring Cady Groves). “Oh Darling” will be featured on SiriusXM all week.

Get “Oh Darling” on iTunes by clicking HERE

You can stream Nothing To Something on Purevolume HERE

So check out Plug In Stereo on the web:

Facebook em’:

and tweet him:!/pluginstereo

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: No Sleep Records Free Music Sampler

No Sleep Records has released a free sampler music, featuring tracks from La Dispute, Balance and Composure, Aficionado, Into It Over It, Former Thieves and more. All you have to do is go to their FACEBOOK page and “Like” them.

Simple huh?

Now check out and download Former Thieves for FREE here:

DOWNLOAD: Former Thieves – Everything has a price, everything is stolen 

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download and Watch: Hopsin – ill Mind Of Hopsin 4 / Pans In The Kitchen

Ok, so another underground artist that I feel I should share with you is “Hopsin!” This guy is destined to be great! One problem with underground artists though is they don’t know when to stop with the battle raps showing off their lyricism ability and focus on making good songs. I have no problem with listening to underground cd’s all day, but most of the people who listen to rap just want a really good song to listen to. Hopsin is the perfect mix of lyrical assassin/song writer to be popular in the underground scene AND have main stream hip hop fans loving him too. Hopsin’s two cd’s “Gazing At The Moonlight” and “Raw” are always either in my car, cd player at my house, my ipod, and even my lady’s car at some point. Pretty much wherever I go Hopsin followes me. Would it be a stretch to say that both of his cd’s are classic hip hop albums? NO, NOT AT ALL! Anyone who hasn’t heard Hopsin should go to this guy’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel  and check him out.
He is the total package and I think it is sad to say he doesn’t have a record deal considering when both of his albums are up there with some of the best albums I have heard. This guy to me is the all around best underground MC. Both of his albums are absolutely amazing and I love every minute of them. They are filled with concepts, lyricism, and all around great music. When I listened to Hopsin I was actually shocked that this guy didn’t have a huge record deal. The industry is completely sleeping on this guy! He is a gold mine to whoever signs him, just sayin. I am anxiously waiting for “Knock Madness” which is supposed to be his next album that is set to be released in 2012. If it is as good as his last two albums were, he could easily turn into one of the greatest MC’s of all time. Hopefully by then someone will give him the recognition he deserves. When he came to Cincinnati I had the unfortunate luck of getting sick, so I missed his last show here. But I can guarantee now, that no matter if i’m sick or not during his next visit, I will not miss him!  So take some time out of your day to go check out Hopsin. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!
Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4

Pans In The Kitchen


Article by Tyler Ritchie

Migrate Music Exclusive Review: The Locomotive Sound Corporation – S/T

The Locomotive Sound Corporation is a hard band to pin down as far as a genre goes. Their music is filled with minimalist guitar work, synthesizers and bizarre, repetitive lyrics and at times the drums sound like they are done with a machine. But if nothing else, the band is interesting. At times they sound like the White Stripes if they were ghosts and lived in a haunted mansion. At other times they remind me of a quieter and gentler El Paso Hot Button. There are also slight elements of psychedelic rock, in vein of Jefferson Airplane. If you like spooky sounding, minimalist, experimental music… Then don’t miss out on The Locomotive Sound Corporation.

So check out a few of their tracks below,

and follow them on Facebook here:

Last Train



Review Done by Tommy Hemmer

MIGRATE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: All Shall Be Well – Roodblauw



For all you post rock fans out there, check out Netherlands’ All Shall Be Well. They released their album Roodblauw earlier this year in digital and physical form. Roodblauw is a heavily ambient instrumental album with elemental hints that you would find in Sigur Ros.

There might only be five total songs on this Roodblauw, but they are long tracks that total up to around 40 mins. Each track is hypnotic and makes you feel different moods from your highs to your lows, all within the same song.

You can digitally DOWNLOAD All Shall Be Well‘s album Roodblauw for FREE!

All you have to do is go here:

You can choose to donate money when you download.

If you prefer to have a physical copy in your hands, you can go to the link above and order you an album for €10 EUR

The album looks like this…

Physical album comes in a limited edition 40 page booklet print run.

Their is a limit of 500 copies and it takes within 3 days to ship.

Also check out All Shall Be Well on the web here:

And Facebook them here:

MIGRATE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: Starfox – “Trans-Atlantic/The Will To Create


 Trans-Atlantic 06:15
Bogota (free) 03:57


The Will to Create

 Bluegrass State 05:36
Stay Gold 04:26

$5 toDownload:

Alright, so after finding out that the New Jersey band gates was coming into town on the 24th of August, we also noticed that a local band was on the bill to open up for gates. Out of curiosity we decided to check them out, their name is STARFOX.

We could give you three guesses on how they came up with that awesome name…

Anyways, we love finding and hearing new talent, especially when they are in our own backyard. We are glad to have found these guys. We dove immediately into their music and listened with smiles on our faces because its nice to know that a local band is capable of pulling off more complex musical pieces. The song that shows off their talent the most is the track Trans-Atlantic on the E.P. of the same name.

We honestly can’t wait to hear Starfox on the 24th at Galaxy CDS, and shoot the breeze with them.

You can Download Trans-Atlanctic for FREE here:

And Download The Will To Create here:

Check out STARFOX on the web here:

Facebook them here:

And go see them live on the 24th here: Galaxy CD’s

MIGRATE MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: gates – The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home

The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home


Walls 04:53


dan crapanzano
mike maroney
ethan koozer
dan king
kevin dye

As of today, gates  is hitting the road to tour. Click HERE for their tour dates.

So in anticipation of gates show at Galaxy CD’s, we decided to check these guys out before hand and see what they had to offer. Needless to say…we were pleasantly surprised.

gates recently put out their album The Sun Will Rise And Lead Me Home earlier this year. The album is heavily post-rock sounding and even has hints of Explosions In The Sky, but manages to have flowing lyrics tied to it. Being able to pull that off was a big surprise for us, and had us hooked immediately.

Every song on this album is worth listening to. If you skip through a song, you are only robbing yourself. There might only be six tracks on this album, but they are six very strong tracks that have a lot of substance to them. I would have to say though, that the best song on The Sun Will Rise And Lead Me Home is In The Morning. That particular song alone has been on repeat for the past hour…hour and a half? Ok, I admit…I can’t get enough of it. The guitars on that particular song is so damn catchy and the building up to the end only to leave you hanging is simply masterful.

But it doesn’t stop there, you can DOWNLOAD The Sun Will Rise And Lead Me Home for FREE. All you have to do is go here:

You can choose to donate some cash when you download.

So if you enjoyed The Sun Will Rise And Lead Me Home by gates,

then you should check them out on the web here:

Facebook them here:

Tweet them here:!/gatesmusic

Check Out their photos here:

And check out their video here: