Migrate Music Review: Voice Of Ruin

Voice of Ruin is a metalcore/ deathcore band from Geneva, Switzerland. Earlier this year they released their debut, self titled LP on Heimathome Records. Upon first listening I noticed a number of things: the record is fast, it’s fairly intense, there are lots of hammer-ons and pull-offs, lots of chugs and lots of bass drops. Being that these things are the quintessential elements of deathcore, we then have to see if these elements are utilized in a way that makes the album stand out as a cohesive work and that it brings something to the table that is worth listening to. And, I think that the album definitely does just that. It may use a lot of the older elements of deathcore to the table, but it mixes them with elements more in line with metalcore and brings with it a certain level of melody and groove that can be missing in most contemporary deathcore. I think fans of both genres could enjoy this band and that the musicians are definitely talented. I hope to hear new stuff from them in the future and I’m excited to see how they will grow as musicians. For fans of Despised Icon, Suicide Silence, etc.

You can listen to their music here: reverbnation.com/voiceofruin

Facebook and “Like” them here: facebook.com/voiceofruin


Article by Tommy Hemmer


Russian Circles have released dates for their Australian and New Zealand tour

The post-rock trio from Chicago, Illinois called Russian Circles has just announced the dates for their upcoming tour in Australia and New Zealand with Jakob. On the heals of their last album Geneva, Russian Circles will be headling their first ever tour on Australian soil. The tour will be preceding their upcoming new album Empros which is set to be released in October 2011 via Sargent House.

So if you like Russian Circles and/or post-rock and you live in Australia or New Zealand…do yourself a favor and buy some tickets to see these guys live.

Russian Circles – Australia & New Zealand 2011 
Sept 08 – Melbourne @ The Corner Hotel
Sept 09 – Canberra @ ANU Refectory
Sept 10 – Brisbane @ The Zoo
Sept 11 – Sydney @ Hermann’s Bar 
Sept 14 – Wellington, NZ @ TBA w/ JAKOB
Sept 15 – Auckland, NZ @ TBA w/ JAKOB 
Sept 16 – Melbourne @ The Tote Hotel
Sept 17 – Perth @ The Bakery 
Sept 18 – Adelaide @ Fowlers Live