Migrate Remembers: Cowboys Become Folk Heros

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes is a Screamo band from Lakeland, Florida. Presently, they are on indefinite hiatus. This band is absolutely amazing. They really didn’t release very much material: a demo and a self-titled. Check out this live video for a little taste:


Article by Tommy Hemmer

Innerpartysystem goes their separate ways

InnerPartySystem has come out and said that they will be going on an “indefinite hiatus”. You can read their full statement from their Facebook note below.

We find ourselves struggling to find the right way to start this statement to you all. Maybe a clever anecdote, or short story with some witty but true moral is in order? Nah, lets just stick to the facts. You all have been beyond amazing to us, and you deserve nothing less than the honest truth.

innerpartysystem is going on indefinite hiatus. We aren’t breaking up nor do we hate each other. As a matter of fact, we are all great friends. BROTHERS. Our experiences with this band and the people we’ve met over the past 6 years have shaped us into who we are today. We will without a doubt look back on these times with nothing but positive thoughts and feelings.

While we will always treasure our time as innerpartysystem, we as individuals have chosen a path different from the one the band originally set out on.  We can’t stress enough that this is a very positive move for us.  As we’ve grown, we want to move on to new projects that keep us excited about making music.  Such is life.  We promise, there will be music coming from all 3 of us separately, at some point.

So, with that being said, here’s some facts…

Will there be a last show(s)? Of course! We want this send off to be a party!  We are playing August 26th at Building 24 in Reading, a special outdoor show in Hoboken on August 27th, and we’re making a trip out west to see our friends in Denver at the Bluebird Theatre on the 28th.

Can I cop any IPS swag at a super sweet discounted price? Absolutely. There will be a mega indefinite hiatus sale at both our US and UK merch stores starting early next week.

“Indefinite Hiatus”? What the hell does that even mean? It means we are taking a break from Innerpartysystem.   Beyond that we don’t really know.

Until next time. . .

Follow the future:

Jared – http://www.twitter.com/spacebrotherr
Patrick – http://www.twitter.com/patrickrussl
Kris – http://www.twitter.com/_mox_jet_


Disturbed headed for hiatus

The lead singer for Disturbed David Draimen had this to say to Billboard about the future of Disturbed:

“Many of those reasons are personal reasons, and many of those reasons have to do with the state of the music industry in general and the demise of hard rock and metal right now. The industry is still in a state of reformation; it is on the verge of collapse, in my opinion. It’s a frightening time, and I think after 10 to 12 years straight of touring it’s just a good time for Disturbed to go away for awhile and wait for the phoenix to rise from the ashes.”

Draimen made it also clear that the decision was not because of hatred or animosity between band members.