Download: Moon Prototype – From My Belly (Full Album)

From My Belly Cover Art

Last week we featured the Paris, France industrial project Moon Prototype when he released his single Faith In The Trash. Now MP is out with his latest album From My BellyMP was born in 1998 and focuses on a electronic industrial sound. MP is the vision of Olivier Jung who’s influences are very diverse and range from Tricky, Nine Inch Nails, Luke Slater, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Wovenhand and Deftones. MP’s latest album “From My Belly” consists of five haunted songs which will make you dream about your darkest passions. You can DOWNLOAD From My Belly for FREE by clicking on the download link on the music player above.

You can follow MP on the web here:

From My Belly was released on White Leaves Music.

Listen to French Indie Band – ENEE

If you like upbeat pop rock, then tak e a listen to the indie pop rock band énée. ENEE hails from the bustling city of Paris, France and puts their own touch in the music world with the tunes from their E.P. which was released back in May of this year. And you can tell they derive their musical influences from bands such as Radiohead.

Every song on the E.P. is very enjoyable to listen to, and they are very catchy. I personally like the songs Not Alone In This World and Easier. Not Alone In This World has a post-rockish feel to it, and kind of breaks off a bit from the other songs on the E.P. While Easier has a catchy guitar hook that I simply love.

If you like ENEE‘s E.P., then go check them out on Facebook here:

They also have a blogspot, so check it out:

I’m hoping to hear more music from them in the future, and we here at Migrate wish them all the best!