Migrate Music Review: Voice Of Ruin

Voice of Ruin is a metalcore/ deathcore band from Geneva, Switzerland. Earlier this year they released their debut, self titled LP on Heimathome Records. Upon first listening I noticed a number of things: the record is fast, it’s fairly intense, there are lots of hammer-ons and pull-offs, lots of chugs and lots of bass drops. Being that these things are the quintessential elements of deathcore, we then have to see if these elements are utilized in a way that makes the album stand out as a cohesive work and that it brings something to the table that is worth listening to. And, I think that the album definitely does just that. It may use a lot of the older elements of deathcore to the table, but it mixes them with elements more in line with metalcore and brings with it a certain level of melody and groove that can be missing in most contemporary deathcore. I think fans of both genres could enjoy this band and that the musicians are definitely talented. I hope to hear new stuff from them in the future and I’m excited to see how they will grow as musicians. For fans of Despised Icon, Suicide Silence, etc.

You can listen to their music here: reverbnation.com/voiceofruin

Facebook and “Like” them here: facebook.com/voiceofruin


Article by Tommy Hemmer


Migrate Music Exclusive: June Deville – Swan Songs Of The Coyote

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#1 – The Grand Desperate Race For Love
#2 – Rebecca’s Evil Eye
#3 – The Blues Of The Powerful
#4 – Swords & Wines
#5 – Railway Flirt (Love in Lausanne)
#6 – Destroy Everything
#7 – Jackals Of Compassion
#8 – Dilettante
#9 – Clouds
#10 – Grass, Like Sapphic Hair
#11 – Forbidden Song I
#12 – Forbidden Song II
#13 – Forbidden Song III

June DeVille was founded in December 2007 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Their most recent release, The Swan Song of the Coyote, features an interesting incorporation of a number of musical styles, including: Grunge, Stoner, Math rock and a tinge of elements mostly related to Thrash. However, above everything else, this album is a contemporary spin on good, ol’ fashioned rock’n’roll. For the most part, the guitar and bass seem to follow one another, playing smooth riffs that have a definite groove to them. My personal favorite from the album was Railway Flirt. For those of you who are looking for something groovy, not too heavy and different, check out June DeVille. You won’t be disappointed.

June DeVille – Rebecca’s Evil Eye from Hungry Ghosts Productions on Vimeo.


Written by: Tommy Hemmer

Listen and Download music by KOVLO

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If you like post-rock, you will love this Swiss band KOVLO.

From their website, “KOVLO was born in Canton Ticino, Switzerland. Stefano Chiassai, Giona Mattei, Alessandro Del Fiore and Alessio Galupi come from very different experiences, but the desire to come together to create something special is very strong. The music of KOVLO could be defined as post-rock, with influences from noise-rock and even jazz.

Through experimentation and putting together different personalities, after some months the project KOVLO takes a shape and creates its own way.

KOVLO, with the release of their first two records, “A new position for the second degree burnt”(2005) and “I’m so happy on this boat” (2007/2008) became one of the most interesting and acclaimed european post-rock and instrumental rock bands. The sound of the band moves between quite, intimate and mysterious soundscapes, and hypnotic, furious and violent noise explosions, in the tradition of bands like Mogwai, GSYBE!, Shellac, Isis, Explosion in the sky, Sigur Ros.
KOVLO’s second record, “I’m so happy on this boat”, was artistically produced by Rob Ellis (producer and musician of PJ Harvey and Marianne Faihfull, collaborator of Placebo, Laika, Swell, and others), and has been critically acclaimed worldwide.
KOVLO toured all over Europe (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark). As it happens with most post-rock bands, the live experience is essential to discover and enjoy the music of KOVLO. During their live shows, KOVLO are able to express at the best the tension and power of their sound, with its psychedelic and hypnotic soundscapes.
New album “Hey Mom, where’s Timbuktu?” to be released March 14th 2011.”

KOVLO’s music is awesome, and they should be in every post-rock lovers music library. And all you have to do is download the FREE tracks above that KOVLO offers to their listeners.

But if you want to buy any of their full albums, then head on over here: http://kovlo.bandcamp.com/

You can find them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/KOVLO

And you can tweet them here: https://twitter.com/#!/kovlo

Now check out KOVLO’s awesome music video for their song Rovaniemi below:

Editors Note: This has to be one of the BEST music video’s I have seen. What a great concept, and it was shot beautifully!