Migrate Music Video Premiere: THOT- The Shy Summer (Acoustic Version)

Fig.5: The sun catcher Cover Art

Our favorite Belgian band THOT has just released a music video today! We love this band, and everything they put out. We have featured them before on our site here and we even featured their song The Shy Summer on our Migrate Music Mixtape Vol. II – Alignment Of Sound this month. (Its free to download)

From THOT,

“This video was shot in an undergroud house in Belgium and features Claudia, the guest vocal on The Shy Summer (she’s also singing on Spellbound Fields).
We are actually working on setting up an European tour for February 2012, that will go through Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Hungary and maybe more. Some gigs have been already confirmed and we just CAN’T WAIT! By the way, if you are interested to invite us in your town or to play acoustic gig in your room, feel free to get in touch with us at booking@thotweb.net

About acoustic shows. Silent. 2 are confirmed. First (a private one) will takes place in Paris on 17th September (Some of you will maybe receive invitations) and the other one will take place in Prague around 10 october. More details are coming soon.”

So you can watch the video below, AND you can download the original version of The Shy Summer HERE.

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: M83 – Midnight City (Official Big Black Delta Remix)

Download: M83 – Midnight City (Official Big Black Delta Remix)  

M83 just released this fresh off the press. It only took a month, but a remix of M83‘s single Midnight City is finally here. The official remix is done by Big Black Delta. Now if you have the original Midnight City track stuck in your head, you might have a hard time wrapping your mind around this faster paced version.

Personally…if I can state my mind on this remix…I feel like I’m stuck on some 80’s drug induced frenzy. And then at the 1:50 mark the room starts spinning.

In other words, I really don’t know what to make of this version.

But hey, if you like it…download it for free by clicking on the link under the music player.

Article by Matthew Dickson

Listen: Grandaddy – Hewlett’s Daughter

Grandaddy – Hewlett’s Daughter

Grandaddy’s The Sophtware Slump  is getting reissued. The deluxe version includes b-sides, never-before-released demos, and its even getting remastered. So to honor and congratulate Grandaddy in their re-issue, I figured we would post up their song Hewlett’s Daughter off of their album The Sophtware Slump. Enjoy!

Article by Matthew Dickson