Listen: Anamanaguchi (Full Album Stream)

Anamanaguchi are a four piece outfit from New York City that play an 8-bit influenced style of videogame music on live instruments. If you’re a fan of old videogame consoles or the music that use to serve as the background to such great titles as the Megaman series then you’ll love everything this band has to offer.

You can listen to their newest album in its entirety here:


Article by Tommy Hemmer

Migrate Music Premiere and Download: Lightouts – Only the Smart Ones

Our friends over at BreakThru Radio have a weekly show called Live Studio! And for this week , they have brought in one of our favorite indie rock bands the Lightouts.  So check out the Lightouts perform Only the Smart Ones off of their maxi See Clear.

You can also download Only The Smart Ones for FREE right here: Lightouts – Only The Smart Ones

Article by Matthew Dickson

Listen: Nerves Junior – As Bright As Your Night Light (FULL ALBUM STREAM)

Nerves Junior – As Bright As Your Night Light

Our favorite local psychedelic band Nerves Junior has begun streaming their entire album As Bright As Your Night Light for free. The album drops on September 6th. So make sure you get it when it comes out. But until then…listen to the album in full right here.

So sit back, browse the web and listen to some Nerves Junior. *We recommend the song Kale, its great.*

Article by Matthew Dickson

Migrate Music Exclusive – Balance and the Traveling Sounds – Won’t Do (J Dilla)

How about we switch gears here for a moment. I know we post up a lot of rock, indie, and hip hop, but we also want to start branching out and covering more genres. (See the ABOUT MIGRATE MUSIC NEWS tab at the top).

Let us introduce to you Balance and the Traveling Sounds.

BTS combines  a variety of musical tastes, cultural backgrounds, eclectic grooves and lush harmonies to create an innovative, captivating and addicting sound accessible by any music enthusiast. This powerhouse of soul, funk, jazz and hip-hop-inspired grooves is composed of seven diverse musicians from a variety of metropolises up and down the Golden Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego). Comprised of producer EBO, MC KIRB, vocalist Mike Eddie, drummer Julian Hogan, saxophonist Jeff Kolhede, guitarist Ryan Kern, and bass guitarist Scott Fulton. Embodying old-school class with a hip-hop edge, Balance and the Traveling Sounds melds the raw honesty of live instrumentation and introspective lyrics with hip-hop sampling and imaginative beats. They add a modern twist to the musical acts that came before and inspired their musical progress, making them a group of tireless artists with an unparalleled level of devotion to the art form.

So check out Balance and the Traveling Sounds new video – Won’t Do ( J Dilla)

Check them out on the web here:

Facebook and “Like” them here:

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: The Bilinda Butchers – Half Open

Download: The Bilinda Butchers – Half Open 

Our favorite dream pop band, The Bilinda Butchers have just put out a new song titled Half Open. If you have never heard of The Bilinda Butchers before, then you MUST click on the play button up there. Their music is catchy and always leaves you wanting more.

So download this track for FREE by clicking on the download link under the player. I’m sure after you do, you will be listening to this song all day.

Also download their last album Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams here: (Name Your Price)

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: M83 – Midnight City (Official Big Black Delta Remix)

Download: M83 – Midnight City (Official Big Black Delta Remix)  

M83 just released this fresh off the press. It only took a month, but a remix of M83‘s single Midnight City is finally here. The official remix is done by Big Black Delta. Now if you have the original Midnight City track stuck in your head, you might have a hard time wrapping your mind around this faster paced version.

Personally…if I can state my mind on this remix…I feel like I’m stuck on some 80’s drug induced frenzy. And then at the 1:50 mark the room starts spinning.

In other words, I really don’t know what to make of this version.

But hey, if you like it…download it for free by clicking on the link under the music player.

Article by Matthew Dickson

Download: HEALTH – ‘Goth Star’ (Pictureplane cover)

Download: HEALTH – ‘Goth Star’ (Pictureplane cover) 

L.A. rock band HEALTH has just put out a remixed cover of Pictureplane‘s hit song Goth Star. This song cover is awesome, and it just sounds so damn good. Oh to top it all off, yeah you can download this track for FREE. Just click on the download link under the music player.

Now if only HEALTH would follow up with a new album after their L.P. Get Color. I think its time.

One can only hope…

Article by Matthew Dickson